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‘Django,’ ‘Hateful 8’ A Wake-Up Call For Whites

For a long time I reluctantly went along with the over-the-top racism in movies and programs against white people, and in particular white men. With “Roots,” I totally got the message. I appreciated and recommend “Glory”, it was intelligent. These were by and large good films with human characteristics. By the way, here is some background from a black historian of the real key actors in the slave trade. But over time, this film genre became dumber and dumber, more demeaning (cultural Marxism) and now more evil (open warfare).

In 2012, I hit the wall when I attended and walked out on a sickening winner of two Academy Awards, the Weinstein Brothers’ and Quentin Terantino’s “Django Unchained.” I think it was this line from the “hero,” Django, that did it for me: “Kill white people and get paid for it? What’s not to like?”  

What would be the clamor if the white people were substituted with another race or group? This is NOT an acceptable double standard; no, not in the least. It is open warfare.

The most recent film from Weinstein/Terantino is appropriately named “The Hateful 8”. Grammy, Emmy and Oscar nominated as well,  it was reportedly meant to be the post-Civil War sequel to “Django,” with Samuel L. Jackson playing an anti-hero Yankee major.

A friend who saw it told me one of the most obscene moments in the film was when Jackson tells a Confederate general how he made the general’s son suck his big black dick before killing him. Jackson throws out cute lines throughout, piling on white guilt about “racism.” Then, all the white guys turn out to be criminal gang members, etc., etc., etc. Boycott!

No treatment of this subject would be complete without a look at “Inglorious Basterds,” yet another Academy Awards “winner” which was essentially a violent porn-fest against white European men with accents. Indeed director Eli Roth in interviews called it “Jewish porn.”

Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein is quoted as saying, “Jews must go after the anti-semites.” But I would counter that what he really is doing is creating “anti-Semites” to “go after.” Are many decent Jews speaking out against this evil? Please inform me if so, because with the couple Academy Awards being presented on this “film,” I must have missed that litmus test.

As for as “Basterds,” I watched only parts because, as with “Django,” I was not able to stomach it — evil, a pure evil film. Here is a scene where one of the goons named “Jew Bear” brutally and gleefully murders unarmed captured German soldiers in cold blood.

After this string of particularly extreme anti-white, anti-Gentile racist filth in recent years I looked into who is making it. The answer is easy to ascertain, is out in the open and is not hidden away. It certainly isn’t blacks, it’s almost universally Jews, with perhaps a .950 batting average.

I also noticed that so-called comedy was no longer really funny but has become more locked into pre-adolescent sexual development. Now I’m much more Jew-wise to the whole “entertainment” and media scene, and I should at least thank the Weinstein Brothers, Roth and their posse for the alert and wake-up call. If anything deserve a boycott this is it.

I have watched only one Hollywood movie in the last two years, and that was out of desperation for air conditioning during a heat wave. That movie was “San Andreas.” The same insults to whites flowed in this one as well. One of the main white male characters acted cowardly during the disaster. There was a scene just inserted completely out of context with the sole purpose of showing all-white, skinhead, Hilly-billy types looting a mall during the disaster. If you watch the carnage during the earthquake and tsunami scenes the casualties are (subliminally) almost 100% white. Red Ice Radio has an excellent in-depth broadcast on this warfare.

These evil travesties should be down-voted and criticized on social media and fully boycotted by all decent people. There is NO way children should be subjected to it. Here is a trailer of an upcoming piece of garbage where “an evil white man” and his dog are hunting down Mexican illegals in the desert. Again, pure evil and unadulterated trash. Wake up to it.



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  • Brabantian

    Signs of cabal numerology again – Dallas shootings of 14, took place on 7 July or 7-7 exactly 11 years after the 7-7 London bombings … 7-7-16 being also 7-7-7 (16 = 1+6 = 7) … Extra bonus of Dallas victims taken to same Parkland Memorial Hospital where JFK declared dead in ’63

    Dallas Snipers’ Massacre – launching civil war in USA? – echoes Maidan Snipers’ Massacre at Kiev Ukraine of 20 February 2014, starting civil war there, shooting at both sides on same day, vs revenge in Dallas after bloody police week

    We have (staged?) videos of cold-blooded shootings of blacks by police – (planned?) terrorising sniper shootings with possible patsy in Dallas – now multiple incidents of ‘shootings at police’ cropping up (Bristol TN Lakeem Keon Scott, St Louis MO, Valdosta GA) … James Fetzer says hacked communications show US Atty Gen Lynch is colluding with BLM to stoke conflict & pretext for martial law & maybe keep Obama in office

    “We are being asked to believe that angry young black men took up arms and shot [12] police officers from elevated positions; not likely, not hardly, such a feat requires trained & experienced sniper teams – same kind employed on Maidan in Kiev 2 years ago to shoot both policemen & protesters.” – Gordon Duff, VeteransToday

    Most USA urban police departments have had extensive training contacts with Israel in recent years, which has “spooked police to expect to be shot on any call by anyone even old folks, pregnant women & children. This is pre-emptive programming for violence … shoulder held, constant-on pulsed-beam police radios can entrain violent psychomotor seizures [causing] the officer to go into a violent blackout rage … designed to do so” – Psychologist Dr Preston James, VeteransToday

  • bob saffron

    Here’s an exception to the rule. Honorable whites, brutal Indians. The (((director))) had to turn to European investors to raise the $2 million the film cost. Actors including Russell accepted minimum wages.

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