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Leaked Death Photo of Sniper Micah Johnson: It Contains Surprises

gunman dallas_0The Daily Mail has put out “leaked” photos of Dallas shooter Micah Johnson after a remote-control robot allegedly ended his life in an explosion. TNN has located and put up the uncensored version of the photo. Oddly, somehow his end-of-life experience has transformed Johnson’s physique into the proportions and size of a dwarf.


This is reminiscent of the experience of one Mason Wells, the alleged “Mormon missionary,” who survived his third “terrorist attack” in Brussels. The incredulous story goes that Wells was in the Boston Marathon and Paris events. Wells was said to have third-degree burns from the Brussels attack; but irregardless, was quickly flown to Utah for his recovery.

Wells enjoyed a miraculous recovery from his severe burns, except for one thing: He has a shrunken pinhead. Poor Mason Wells. He ends up in three terrorist attacks, then gets third-degree burns and now he’s a Zika virus victim to boot. The second photo shows Mason pre-shrinkage.

The big question I have: Does the Crime Syndicate make incredible operational errors, or do they do it deliberately for shits and giggles at the expense of the idiocracy? I actually lean toward the latter. Yes, ladies and gentleman, they are laughing at you.

Image source: The Deseret News, owned by Church of Latter Day Saints.
Mason Wells pre-shrinkage.
Photo of Wells’ alleged third-degree burn.
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