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Sheeple Turn a Blind Eye While Psychopaths Grave Dance, Mock Them

The following video shows imagery from the memorial service for the Dallas police allegedly “shot” by super-carpenter gunman and dwarf Micah Johnson. It shows George W. Bush openly grave dancing and mocking the whole scene. Even Presidente Obama gets shits and giggles out of it. Biden strikes me as more of a proto-psychopath as at least he has the presence of mind to stay restrained and kind of looks away in embarrassment.

The scene at Orlando after the Pulse synthetic fraud is even worse as the Crime Syndicate’s captured police moles and useful idiots engage in another grave dance of mockery that has to be seen to be believed. The known feature of psychopaths is open disdain for other people. There is an excellent recommended video in the side bar of the home page in which Thomas Sheridan discusses this in the Jimmy Saville case. In particular, take heed of his remarks at the 8:25 mark.


Barbara Bush’s mom, Pauline Pierce, was friends with satanist Aleister Crowley, maybe more than friends. Pauline had a reputation of being a bit on the wild side in the ’20s. It has been reported that she and Aleister were in France together around September/October of 1924. Upon return to America and to her boyfriend, there was a hasty marriage, and Pauline gave birth to Barbara Pierce. They look like peas of the same pod. Nothing to see here, move along? Nothing would surprise me anymore. Barbara Bush was known to make some statements that were down right addled, such as shown in the meme below.

Like father, like daughter?

And who can forget George H.W. Bush’s duping delight at the Gerald Ford funeral when he speaks about a “deluded gunman who killed President Kennedy.” It is my contention that the assassination of John F. Kennedy was a coup d’etat and that George H.W. Bush played an operational role in it. Gerald Ford was involved in the Warren Report cover up.

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  • Here George W Bush wipes his hands on Bill Clinton shirt after shaking hands in Haiti.

  • Citizen journalists go to Dallas shooting site to look around: and find little if anything.

  • For what purpose does shining a flashlight in the air serve other than give the sniper something to sight? Why would they illuminate their heads as a sniper target with light?

  • Rufus Peckham

    Bush’s and Obama’s were all smiles at the Dallas funeral service. LOL!