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Arch-Criminal, Liar Hillary Invokes the Black-Ops Pandora’s Boxes of 9/11, Oklahoma City and Sandy Hook

Americans must be at least a little curious as to why Hillary Clinton would feel it necessary to attack truthers and bring the topics of 9/11, Sandy Hook and the Oklahoma City false-flag and black-ops deceptions into the campaign. Did she open Pandora’s box in doing so? It’s particularly encouraging because all three of these black ops do involve monumental deceptions and crimes involving the mainstream media, the global crime syndicate and the Deep State elements within government.


TNN prays and hopes that millions of Americans will soon realize that Hillary’s gaslighting isn’t occurring for no reason or in a vacuum. Perhaps asleep people will start to wonder what the fuss is really all about, or even inadvertently pull back the veil. TNN, for its part, is a resource for those awakening to the black-ops phenomenon and for those who wish to undertake their own investigations and research. Simply search TNN for the terms “9/11,” “Sandy Hook,” etc . You can also find excellent videos on Sandy Hook and 9/11 in our Recommended Videos section.  More articles are at my old Winter Watch site.

Oklahoma City was a particularly evil Gladio operation that was conducted during Bill Clinton’s administration. It involved killing innocent people and was not a staged deception. That murderous aspect is what is so scary about the Clintons. If you are seeking background on what really happened at Oklahoma City, watch the outstanding video “A Noble Lie.”

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