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  • Lenomde Plume

    This guy is a fool. Of COURSE there were no First Responders or Ambulances in front of the school during the first hours of the attack. What part of “Active Shooter” don’t you understand? This entire website is nothing but a cesspool of morons.


      R U serious? REALLY? WOW!
      Talk about a STUPID, DEAF, DUMB & BLIND MORON!
      WOW! You seriously have not even bothered to look into the “lack of evidence” on this BS have you!?
      I could seriously ask you at least 10 important questions(a shallow person like you probably more like 50) that a court of law would need answered to prosecute, that you would NEVER be able to TRUTHFULLY answer!
      Because it was simply a drill gone live!
      You need to start thinking for yourself.
      You do know that test have shown that if you do not exercise your mind you will lose it don’t you?????????
      Well you may want to start using that little thing between your ears then!