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Sandy Hook Investigator Wolfgang Halbig Ceases Efforts as Result of Threats Against Family

Wolfgang Halbig has been an intrepid force in the investigation of Sandy Hook. With the type of criminals he is up against, this is without a doubt an all-pain, no-gain experience for him. He most certainly has not been the recipient of tens of millions of largess dollars as has benefited the Sandy Hook shysters. I am actually amazed and very impressed at his perseverance and patriotism. Lesser men would have never gotten out of the shoot.

It now appears that due to the threats being made toward his family members, Wolfgang has taken down his Web and social media sites in response to the Crime Syndicate’s tactics. I surmise he is done with his more serious investigations, including lawsuits. One can only hope someone picks up the ball and pursues the work.

An update at Memory Hole blog (MHB) states: Wolfgang Halbig tells MHB this morning that he was compelled to take his website down and go off of Facebook because parties unknown to him are contacting officials at his wife and son’s place of employment in an effort to have these family members terminated from their employment because of Wolfgang’s activities concerning Sandy Hook.

A goon speaking in the “we” pronoun and calling themselves “Johnathan Reich” (apparently in mockery of the young man who was arrested and dragged through court for contacting Connecticut state coroner H. Wayne Carver II in early 2013) issued the following demands and deadlines of Halbig under threat of harm or intensified harassment:

From: “Johnathan Reich” <>
To: “Wolfgang Halbig” <>
Sent: Monday, August 29, 2016 1:20:06 PM
Subject: Re: Please do not contact my family members again or their school superintendent and school board members.


Here’s what needs to happen:

1.Take down Sandy Hook Justice Reports website.

2.Take down– Remove any and all references/ photos that Avielle Richman is Lenie Urbina- that poor girl and her family are terrified of you.

Note: TNN provides archive link here to

3.Stop abusing and of Sandy Hooks Children or parents.

4.Stay out of Newtown. Never come here again. Ever.


You have until 3pm on Tuesday August 30th to remove posts on Avielle and the Urbina girl. That is tomorrow. 3pm.

You have until 12pm, Friday September 2nd to pull the sites down.

Your recent Facebook post is ridiculous. Unlike you, we believe children are sacred to us. We work to protect children. Nothing is more important than protecting children.

Your beautiful grandchildren have nothing to fear from us. You know this.

I personally hope that you decide to keep the sites up, and disregard our demands altogether. I really do.

You need to think very hard about how you are going to move forward. I suggest you meet with your family to discuss.

Enough is enough. Leave our families alone. Let us raise our children in peace.

Let us know your plans.

We look forward to your response.

Over the past two years Halbig has experienced significant harassment from goons involved in the Sandy Hook event.


Unfortunately for the criminals behind this, there is plenty of other legacy-foundation work from Wolfgang (and from others) that is still on other sites. Sandy Hook Justice is archived here.

One that I would highly recommend as a starting point and one that every decent thinking person should see is Halbig’s interview examining (using Connecticut crime scene photos) the decrepit, foul condition of Sandy Hook “school” a day after the incident. Anybody who thinks this is an operating “vanguard school” should do the world a big favor and just stick with Sunday morning cartoons. The CT state police crime scene photos of Sandy Hook “school” are also archived here. 

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