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Yet Another ‘Medical Episode’ Bubble-Popping Day for Hillary

During a visit to 9/11 ground zero in Manhattan on Sunday, Hillary yet again showed signs of Parkinson’s disease and vascular dementia.


This is not funny or pleasant to see, and it in fact reminds me of my own mother’s dementia — but she is 92. This spectacle was caught on camera, and yet most of the mainstream media attributed it to “overheating” and continued their cover up to a criminal level. In actuality, the temperature in New York City during Hillary’s tour couldn’t have been more comfortable, registering just 78 degrees. A healthy person would be able to handle that.

This would be sad if not for the farce that this spectacle is turning into. How criminally irresponsible not to put an end to this #HillaryDenial deception. It seems Hillary’s donors want her to run down the clock in the hope of beating the grim reaper so she can deliver the goods to them. Let’s roll that footage.

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