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Did Hillary Body Double Emerge From Chelsea’s Apartment?


Hillary and her minions just can’t keep up with their lies and track-covering. First the story was that’s she’s fine [redacted]. Then, it’s allergies [redacted]. Then, it’s “overheating” from the extreme 78-degree heat [oops]. Now, it’s pneumonia.

Bronchial pneumonia is contagious, and the coughing and mucus associated with it is an excellent way to spread the infection to others, either through the air or on surfaces around the affected person. But that didn’t stop ol’ chipper “Hillary” from emerging from Chelsea’s apartment to infect a little girl (shown in the article header).

But there is much more to this scene outside the apartment. Oddly, only 90 minutes later Hillary comes out virtually alone, without her entourage of medical and security handlers. She suddenly walks gracefully and seems anything but sick.

Incredibly, her well-recognized hip and buttock girth is gone. Comparing the first photo of her arrival at the 9/11 ceremony with the second- about 30 pounds is missing.



superimposed body comparisons
Hollywood ear prosthetic

If this is what they are planning to use as a Hillary body double, this scam ought to be picked apart fairly quickly over time. Here is another look at the body double and Hillary. It is only a decent recreation attempt and is NOT the same person. Notice the body double’s ring finger is slightly longer than her index finger. Hillary has a distinctively longer index finger. There are close up photos of the ear and the set looks like a match. But consider that Hollywood prosthetics can easily replicate this.


In the second photo comparison, the body double is less fleshy and jowly. Hillary has a larger jaw. Hillary’s upper lip is fuller and protrudes out more. Also Hillary has fuller, thicker more textured hair and is combed differently. They kind of missed it on the hair color, but that could be lighting as the little girl photo is similar in color.


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  • Another comparison side by side:

  • Torchy Blane

    Interesting photo of hands. If Hillary does have a body double, it might be a man. Men have longer ring fingers, while women have longer index fingers.

  • Rufus Peckham

    The face almost looks masculine…

  • Brabantian

    Also on the ‘Hillary Clinton clone’ front … there seem to be 2 distinct, very contradictory videos of Hillary collapsing in New York on ‘9-11 day’ … in one she is dragged limp into the van on the driver’s side, in the other on the passenger side! …one or more of the agents seem to be video fakes … even the ‘collapse’ staged? Videos compared here (8 min.)

    • Torchy Blane

      Weird, it’s like when you flip an image, though I didn’t know that was possible with video. BUT wouldn’t explain why her hair was parted on two different sides the same day … or would it. Hmm …

    • A Crime Syndicate calling card for the dum-dums? Keep in mind: it is all a giant psy-op to disrupt the electoral process and what remains of faux democracy. Grab your popcorn, we are going down the rabbit hole.

  • The little girl used as a prop at Chelsea’s apartment was also utilized for a scene with the pope.

    • Event Horizon

      Good grief I would hope they are not that sloppy.

  • bob saffron

    Taxpayers finally get a good actor for their hard-earned. The manner and voice are well done, but as you say, the face is noticeably thinner.

  • Dr. Steve Pieczenik on the Clinton matter:

  • Rufus Peckham

    LOL we are mainstream now. An article with these pictures is on
    What the hell is going on.

  • EngelsMarx1848

    The SS has to have been involved in this fraud. Perhaps this is the plan to fool the voters that Hillary well when she is in fact very ill.
    Hillary goes to Hospital for extensive test ,Double goes to Chappaqua.
    Let’s see the body shape on Wednesday or Thursday .
    Media complicit in telephone interview.
    Remember the End justifies the Means!

  • Event Horizon

    Its not that far fetched, really. A lot of celebrities admit to have a double and … well dictators have as well. Why not take it a step farther and send her out to get lab work done?

    • Rufus Peckham

      JB Peck. Bill Sol Estes called him out as LBJ’s body double.

      • Event Horizon

        Stalin, Andy Warhol, Michel Jackson, Hussein all had doubles. Why not Hillary? especially if she cant be out for long with medical issues.