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Sherlock Appraises the Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Show Trial ‘Evidence’

Not surprisingly, the trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev for the Boston Marathon bombing is chock full of ludicrous storytelling for dumb dumbs. It reminds me of how, as if by some miracle, the Crime Syndicate materialized one of the 9/11 hijacker’s passports found at the foot of the demo’ed Twin Towers. Crime syndicate rag Daily Mail gives us the trial particulars, which are denoted by italics below.

Tsarnaev’s defense attorney, Judy Clarke, presents to the court the dead older brother’s wallet. Naturally, it is full of receipts for bomb-making ingredients. Inquiring minds might wonder why he would keep such receipts, for what purpose? A tax write off perhaps? Souvenirs? To incriminate himself? Dead men can’t talk.

While we’re at it, let’s have another look at Judy “Deep Six ‘Em” Clarke, also known as “Judy on the Spot” for many of these high-profile patsy cases of late. For her clients, her specialty is avoiding the death penalty. For the state, it’s ensuring a conviction. Reportedly, her clients typically end up at a special super-max prison in Colorado called ADX Florence.

Personally, I doubt the doppelganger playing Dzhokhar in court ever sees the inside of any U.S. prison. If you’ll recall, his friends didn’t even recognize him in court, and one astute news reporter (who didn’t get the memo) in the courtroom noted that it didn’t sound like Tsarnaev’s accent.


— Next we are told that the brothers removed their blood-stained gloves from the officer’s shooting and left it inside of their abandoned car. For what purpose? To help the prosecution?

Yet, despite going to all the trouble of wearing gloves, fingerprints are everywhere. But would his fingerprints in a family car even be significant? “Forensics experts testified that Dzhokhar’s fingerprints were found throughout the [Tsarnaev family’s] Honda.”

In a second car, that was stolen, they take the trouble to bring along the following items. They leave behind the gloves, but not their beloved bomb making material. “Tupperware container filled with explosive powder and fuses found in a car stolen by the Tsarnaevs just before the firefight with police.”

This one is good, real logical: seems they had the wherewithal to hurl pipe bombs in a shoot out with police. Really? Who makes this up? “During earlier testimony Wednesday, jurors were shown two pipe bombs hurled at police during the shootout. Neither of those bombs exploded, but a third pipe bomb did.”


— Oh, and while we are it, and let’s make sure we also bring along chill music CDs for listening pleasure in the second stolen vehicle.

For the record, people who knew the real Dzhokhar describe him as smart and capable. For more on the Boston Marathon bombing, see “The Use of Patsies“.

There is a high probability the real Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was murdered by the crime syndicate along with his brother. If not he is deep into the star chamber “justice” system and like Aurora shooter James Holmes out of sight.  This is brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev seen walking to police car naked and handcuffed shortly before being killed in police custody.

If so, RIP.  Video is about who Dzhokhar really was.

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