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(((Google))) Pulls Out All the Stops: Proves Red Pillers Are Right


(((Google))), which we discussed previously in “You Tube Social Justice Brigades are Coming for Your Videos,” has outdone itself again. Do the following images searches and images and behold the results. I offer the first search term result for “European people art“:


Now, see for yourself the search results for “American inventors” and “white man white woman.”

Wikipedia, white pride:


Notice a pattern? This has to be one of the greatest exercises ever for red pilling and waking up the comatose. It is literally Hitleresque.



If you don’t donate to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) “charity” to fight Pepe, how will Abe Foxman earn his $687,000 salary?


Incredibly the Illuminati card game was frog prescient years ago.


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