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Ludicrous Video Emerges of Brussels Blast Aftermath

The sheer audacity of these criminal “news” networks is beyond the pale. This is video showing the Brussels airport blast scene. This was supposed to have been taken with a modern iPhone camera. Remember, the space being filmed is in a large well-lit glass atrium. The quality isn’t even remotely up to what I sarcastically call “1963 Dealey Plaza” standard. I would say 1827 is more like it. And listen to the narrative the stooge at CNN is being forced to read. May those that take part in this deception of the human race rot in hell.

Location of this “filming”, a lit atrium at about 9:30 AM in the morning during spring time.


This is an older generation iPhone 5 (2012) camera shot in dark or night conditions.

The first three films ever made shown here are better quality than the CNN Brussels footage. h/t Brabantian

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