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Trap Chill and Kizomba: A Step in the Right Direction

When TNN speaks out against MTV degeneracy and satanism that doesn’t mean we are prudes. In fact, there are genres and music that are perfect positive expressions of heterosexual sensuality. Indeed, kizomba music and dance is just downright fun allowing great interaction between men and women. It is promoted as the “art of connection.” I think new nationalists should dive right in, as it is spreading.

Kizomba is dance music (EDM) that incorporates elements of trap chill music. The EDM trap genre uses techno, dub and house sounds.

Kizomba is one of the most popular genres of dance, originating in Angola and spreading to other Portuguese-speaking regions. The music is characterized by a slower and usually very romantic rhythm. I particularly like this music beyond the sensuality because it uses Portuguese, a language I love and speak.

There is no reason to get overly caught up or too rigid with European culture when it comes to this. Kizomba is good fun culture and a huge improvement over degenerate hip-hop and the popular American pop stars promoted by the usual suspects. In fact, the usual suspects will likely never popularize this music and dance because it exudes such healthy, strong heterosexuality.

Here is an excellent DJ mix where the artist uses the marginal hip hop tune Trap Queen, cleans up the lyrics and incorporates a Kizomba beat, rhythm and dance. Some may raise an eyebrow at the dancing mixed race couple, but I submit these are likely Angolan, Cape Verdeans or Brazilians for whom this is the norm. I think the woman is mixed race.

Positive healthy aspirations for black people are beneficial for humanity as a whole. The vocals are a bit of a throw back to the Motown, Michael Jackson days and the great black music of that era. A comeback would be a breath of fresh air.

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  • E mail message from Torchy on my “going off the reservation” article today, LOL:

    “I think the denim short shorts and stripper moves have caused all the blood to rush away from your ears and to other places. When you’re done with the jungle bunny DJ stuff, here’s some real Portuguese music for ya: 5 Hours of Fado” 🙂

  • Brabantian

    Hey bro I take it y’all know that ‘trap’ – ‘trap house’ refers to a location where CIA-supplied life-destroying narcotics are made & sold … Russ be sellin da ‘trap’ LOL

    Yes ‘reverse racism’ is out of hand, but spontaneous mixed-race relationships shouldn’t be a subject of scorn, they are part of natural joyous humanity, e.g., the beauty of mixed-race South-East Asians or South Americans is often incomparable

    Tho there is a good case against objectifying, de-humanising, anti-stable-relationship sexuality … we have to lighten up overall re sexuality because the world is so screwed up, many people can’t find or express sexuality even in marriage so some tolerance is in order … we all need to find our way back to the spirit of the Kama Sutra

    Portuguese-language Kizomba makes me recall 1989 & the Lambada:

    • Classic, heard it frequently when I was in Brazil for two years.

  • Kizomba Fundamentals – Basic Steps

    • Torchy Blane

      All I have to say is …

      • Ah, the Kizomba gateway controversy. I submit it is the opposite, reeling Generation Ass towards more class and the art of heterosexual attraction.

  • Rufus Peckham

    Any recommended artists in this genre?

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