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Crybaby (((Media))) Victimhood Narrative Now Backfiring

imgresThe (((mainstream media))) is deliberately attempting to stage a coup against the country. Now, the lowly peasant is standing up to their devious tactics of lies, distortions and propaganda. They’ve dragged the entire field into permanent disrepute and the Trump movement is revoking their entitlement passes. If anything constructive has come from this election — and the Wikileaks and O’Keefe revelations — it is this phenomena. If Trump is actually elected, I can only pray he has Der List and will open the House of UnAmerican Activities Committee to pursue Rico statutes for inciting riots, violence and voting fraud.


On Oct. 13, the corrupto media victimhood narrative (VN) seemed to kick into overdrive when Trump, with eyes wide open at this stage of the game, issued long-overdue “fightin'” words. The problem is that that the Media corruptos are on the ropes and its pat VN reaction is like throwing gasoline on a fire.

The VN kicked off in earnest when the “Committee to Protect Journalists” issued a statement claiming that Donald Trump is a “threat to press freedom.” Press freedom? What a fraud. It is the Trump movement that is hurling well-deserved scorn on you. Yet, you feel free to continue with lies. It is your influence and credibility that is trouble and you did it to yourselves.  TNN on its end revealed parts of Der List in yesterday’s post so that the worst offenders can be identified and can’t hide under slimy rocks before slithering back into the swamp.


Breitbart gives the particulars on the Crime Syndicate’s counter-offensive. In general it is the same suspects.

  • The same day Politico’s Ben Schreckinger ran an article titled “Trump crowds rain hate on the press.”
  • CNN‘s Jim Acosta claimed to have found a crudely written sign with a swastika and “media” written on it.
  • The next day, on Oct. 14, the narrative of violent Trump supporters scaring the press was being pushed across the media. The Huffington Post’s Ed Mazza wrote a piece titled “Frenzied Donald Trump Supporters Are Turning On The Media — And It’s Getting Scary.”
  • The Washington Post’s Paul Farhi wrote, “The press always got booed at Trump rallies. But now the aggression is menacing.”
  • Ed Kilgore at New York magazine titled his piece “Trump’s Dangerous Game of ‘Beat the Press.”
  • Tierney Mcafee’s article in People magazine was titled “Press Corps with Trump Now Needs Police Escort as Crowd Shouts ‘Whores!’”
  • Even The Wall St. Journal got in on the action when Reid Epstein wrote a piece called “Trump Rally-Goers Dismiss His Vulgarities, Offer Their Own for Clinton, News Media,” just to name one of a few.
  • The stories have continued until the time of this writing with similar articles in The New York Times, “Media Matters,” The Washington Post (again), AlterNet and on and on.
  • Rosie Gray, another Buzzfeed reporter, found a new angle to keep the narrative going when an attendee used the term “Lugenpresse,” a German word for “lying press.” Oh, the beauty of that one. It’s down there with “basket of deplorables.” Funny how history repeats.

TNN has done an open-source search of what exactly has transpired in Trump crowds’ treatment of pressitutes. Please feel free to put fistacuffs or proof of violence against the media in the comments to refute, but so far it seems the VNers are blowing it out of their asses. All we have noticed is well-deserved heckling, booing, mocking and profanities. There is no day of rope, not even close. So, VN media mafia, to cite your hero, Barrack Obama, “Quit whining.”

The following video shows Pennsylvania’s Trump crowd giving CNN an ear full of disapproval.

Michael Moore has a new film out called “Trumpland.” It is less about Trump than thinly veiled propaganda to dewitchify Hillary for the benefit of hesitant Sanders and Stein supporters. Moore tries to play anthropologist with an excellent perspective rant about the Trump voter. He acts (skillfully) sympathetic but then, of course, ultimately calls them fools. This video has gone viral, but it cuts off Moore’s closing remark after his punchline: “Trump’s election is going to be the biggest f**k you ever recorded in human history — and it will feel good.” The cutoff portion states, “It will feel good — for a day. You know, maybe a week. Possibly a month.” Then he adds, “Because you used the ballot as an anger-management tool and now you’re f**ked.”

Seriously, Michael, nice try, but I think expectations about what Trump will do, if elected, are quite low — if he even survives that long. Sure, there are people, like me, who fantasize Trump has “Der List” of swamp dwellers. But I have no real expectation that he will take down this foul and rancid system or even dent it — or that he could even if he wanted to. Still, take this Moore video, cut off part and all, and spread it far and wide. It is a classic. Despite Moore’s attempts at damage control, I believe he shot himself in the foot. And that — and watching the (((media’s))) rustled jimmies — certainly does “feel good.”

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  • Bill Kilgore
  • One of the rats jumping ship? “Meet The Grifters In Chief” – WSJ Lashes Out At Hillary Scandals

    • Rufus Peckham

      Russ, don’t forget Hallows Eve is an important occult date and a good time for a blood ritual sacrifice.

  • Trump speech there is good. But that is empty rethoric. Trump is bought and payed for by Rothschild banks. He owed in 1992 4 billion $ to them and personally owed a 1 billion $ to them. They bailed him out. A lawyer representing these banks Jew Alan Pomerantz commented on television about this; “Trump is more worth to us alive then dead”.
    Not to mention he has been surrounded by Jews his whole life and has been friends with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein for 30 years and Trump is being sued in a pedophile case involving him sexualy molesting two 13 year old girls.
    Trump is no different then Hillary.

    • Torchy Blane

      I’m no Trump fan, but the problem is: If you’re not FOR HIM, you’re WITH HER. She’s a well-known corrupto who wants open borders and free trade. That’s unacceptable, period. Trump is a wannabe oligarch but basically mystery meat in terms of governance.

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