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Video of Alleged ISIS Bombing in Baghdad Reveals a ‘Surprise’

People inspect the aftermath of a deadly car bomb explosion that hit a popular fruit and vegetable market in a commercial street in Baghdad's northwestern neighborhood of Hurriyah, Iraq, Monday, Oct. 31, 2016. Iraqi police say a parked car bomb exploded in Baghdad's northwestern neighborhood of Hurriyah on Sunday, killed at least 10 and wounding many. PHOTO: AP/Karim Kadim

On Sunday, Oct. 30, multiple ISIS bombing incidents in Baghdad reportedly killed at least 15 people. Anonymous medical and police officials said the most deadly blast was a car bomb that killed at least eight. This story made international news, including mention in a Daily Mail account. Footage of the car bombing and aftermath has since emerged, and apparently someone didn’t get the memo or got a bit sloppy with the editing — or maybe somebody was there that shouldn’t have been. Whodathunk? Have a look.

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