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Clinton Swamp Infestation Continues to Hoist by Their Own Petard

The hits just keep on coming to the Clinton campaign.

Emails reveal that while in China in 2011, Chelsea Clinton, using the nom de plume “Anna James,” messaged Podesta, “Oops, our electronics were hacked.” Did Chelsea have access and exposure to state secrets that could be stolen like the rest of the leaking latrine?

On Sun, Nov 20, 2011 at 3:16 PM

John Podesta <> wrote:

Sorry for the delay. I was in China and not accessing this account for security reasons.

On Sun, Nov 20, 2011 at 3:21 PM

Anna James <> wrote:

That makes good sense to me. Our technology was all compromised while we there (if we’ve time, I’ll regale you with rather hilarious anecdotes of our tour guide cum spy).

Additionally, Eric Braverman, who was a Clinton Foundation director, is now missing after supposedly seeking asylum in Russia.

Next, we learn Judicial Watch obtained more Clinton and Huma Abedin emails via unsecured accounts (the infamous Yahoo accounts) and no doubt turned up in Israeli spy Anthony Weiner’s trove.

Despite the now-clear evidence that Huma was using an unsecured Yahoo account, she claims through her attorney to have “no idea how the 650,000 mails ended up” on her pervy hubby and likely Mossad agent Anthony Weiner’s computer.

Clinton headlined a fundraiser for $675,000 in political donations to the wife of FBI No. 2 boss Andrew McCabe, who is running the investigation into Clinton’s emails. Crack in the armor: Obama declines to weigh in on the Hatch Act witch hunt of FBI Director Comey.

Chris Matthews cutting HRC down to size. Are the rats abandoning ship? Boy a lot of this looks scripted.

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