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Torchy’s ‘Merika: Trump Victory Was A Brexit 2.0 Uprising

I didn’t anticipate watching Tuesday night’s election coverage, because I couldn’t stomach the thought of watching the liberal lapdog media giggle with glee over the anointment of Hillary Clinton as the first female president. But from the moment I reluctantly flipped on the news, I was awestruck and couldn’t turn away.


For hours, I watched the dumbfounded expressions on the faces of anchors as they reported Donald Trump’s surges in the polls and listened to their idiotic attempts to understand “wha happened,” mouths agape as global markets tanked. Dana Bash tried not cry as she pitifully described all the hard work the democratic campaigners did to win the vote for Hillary. Chris Cuomo repeatedly said, “America has sent a message: It wants to drain the swamp” – not realizing that he himself is a swamp dweller. And it was a thing of beauty, watching Social Justice “Warriors” crying with dismay at Clinton’s massive New York convention center while in a much smaller hotel convention room Trump supporters were chanting “lock her up!”

CNN contributor Van Jones plays racist card: Trump vote, “It was a white-lash against a black president.”

As with the Brexit, the media and citified pollsters ignored the views of average people in America’s heartlands. They became an echo chamber for their own rhetoric, confusing their own voice with the voice of the majority. They manufactured issues for the race industry and ignored what genuinely matter to most people. Americans (and Brits) don’t want open borders, they don’t want free trade and they reject globalism. In a Democracy, you cannot shun populists and nationalists. They are the voters!

Will Donald Trump be a good leader for the populist movement? It remains to be seen. His nationalist speeches were encouraging, but some of his neocon talking points gave me great pause. He says he’s an America firster, but he also placates Israel. I can’t reconcile this with my philosophy.

Nonetheless, today I have something I didn’t have yesterday: greater faith in the soul of American people and a tiny shred of hope for the future of ‘Merika.

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