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Will General Flynn Bust the DC Pizzagate Pedophile Ring?



The New Nationalist (TNN) is calling for a serious investigation of what is generally called #Pizzagate. Regular readers know #Pizzagate refers to extremely revealing leaked emails, highly suggestive instagram photos of little children, depraved artwork and pedophile symbols, all revolving around various Clinton operatives including campaign chief John Podesta and his brother Andrew. The emails and the cast of characters involved suggest a sex, or worse, a pedo ring. The following video covers the turf on this situation. For those with a shorter attention span or who are pressed for time, skip to 6:00.

We also know that the usual suspects (aka Crime Syndicate) has recently geared up a counterattack to cover up their crimes and activities. It’s a shadow-language concoction now referred to as “fake news” [see “The Big Brother Campaign: Zimdars Fake News Hit List“].

Inquiring minds should note that none other than Donald Trump’s new National Security Adviser, Lt. Gen Mike Flynn, has revealed he has information about the child sex-ring story. On Nov.2 and 4, Flynn sent out two tweets concerning this. Notice that Flynn even uses the hashtag #spiritcooking. I have looked at General Flynn’s tweeter account and the messages are still there. In subsequent emails, Flynn continually refers to “protecting our children,” suggesting we haven’t heard the last of this from him.


From everything TNN has observed so far, this is a very deep rabbit hole and is very much a national security threat and issue. It appears the pedos have infiltrated and infested various arms of government and, in particular, the U.S. Justice Department. Will Flynn be among the white hats to investigate and break these cases wide open? This will be a critical tell.


Will Pizzagate only be used to blackmail and control Trump political opponents? What happens if an investigation reveals that the pedophile ring is bi-partisan and turns up more powerful people? Or is a “new thing” about to happen, something that in the now-forgotten past was called truth and justice? Will justice and veritas be served, or is the control so dark and evil that only injustice is possible?

Meanwhile, the usual suspects have launched a smear campaign against Flynn. One rag used the headline “Michael Flynn, Trump’s national security adviser, believes fake news and partisan conspiracy theories.” Doth protest too loudly.

Vox: Yet Flynn, clearly, has a lot of difficulty figuring out what information is worthwhile. He seems willing to believe things as absurd as Clinton being involved in a child sex ring, based on a fake news article peppered with transparently silly quotes (one example: “‘What’s in the emails is staggering and as a father, it turned my stomach,’ the NYPD Chief said.”)

There is much more going on here than a quote from a police chief. There should be a fundamental force that will prevail in the Pizzagate travesty: the truth. General Flynn, you have been issued fightin’ words and your intregrity and decency have been insulted. There is a solution: you (unlike us peons) are in a position to investigate and reveal veritas. From what I and many others see, the truth is there to be exposed.

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  • Hapa

    We can only hope it busts wide open…draining the swamp indeed.

    • northernMD

      LOL, i was wondering if this guy was crazy or being intentionally dishonest. I got my answer at the 18 minute mark. He points to the email sent to podesta to imply those could be kids they’re using, but cuts off who it is sent from. Turns out it’s from Tamera Luzzato, you’ll notice the same last night as those kids (…. A little more sleuthing and you find out those are the names of her grand kids. The author intentionally leaves that out making it clear he’s being intentionally deceptive and not just a nut.

    • BobSimonhouse

      Actually, lets only hope its all bullshit, i mean, not that much hope is needed. Common sense would suffice. But pedophilia not happening sounds like a better thing than a terrible thing like this being real.

      • Hapa

        Actually, discovering pedophelia and attendant satanist behaviors might go a long way to making sense of these perverted people. Thinking that psychopaths just go along their merry way and don’t engage in sadistic behaviors would be surprising. There are smoking guns everywhere for people who care to research this more deeply.

        • BobSimonhouse

          I think not. Conspiracy theories are not helpful. Rooting out pedophiles and punishing them harshly would help. Satanist behavior and smoking guns, in the way you put it, are for dimwits who think they see things when staring into pitch black.

          • BrotherPatriot

            Just because you don’t believe it doesn’t make it not True.
            Facts are stubborn things and WikiLeaks hasn’t had to redact a single article in 10 years.
            #PizzaGate unfortunately, is very real.

          • BobSimonhouse

            The absence of proof is what makes it not true. Police sketches and codewords, “connecting dots” does not prove it. These are things that more likely support that someone wants us to believe something that isn’t true. Lies are stubborn things too when they get repeated and retweeted and shared and reposted and pushed in comment sections. Why would WikiLeaks redact anything? It has no crediblity to protect, and to admit wrongdoing even once would crumble its facade of authority. Pizzagatde is not real, but if some real proof is discovered maybe it will become so. Is there not enough in reality for people to deal with? Or perhaps avoiding said reality is the reason to engage with conspiracy theories. I have one! : #Stateofthenationliestoyou

          • BrotherPatriot

            Watch the proof within the video (gets into the good stuff at the 15+ min mark and the part about Joe Biden is incredibly damning).
            Keep at it…you’ll get there.
            HOOYAH & God Bless.

          • BobSimonhouse

            No, another viewing did not miraculously spawn any proof. Even paying particular attention at 15+ minute mark didn’t help either. Its proof those are some sick people, they’re into very weird stuff it would seem. I would never eat at that restaurant for sure. And I’m with the narrator in the idea they should be investigated to make sure there is no lawbreaking going on. But really, I don’t care what consenting adults are into as long as they don’t hurt others and in particular they don’t hurt kids. Weird art and photos doesn’t prove the accusations. i note the narrator repeated that very point often.
            Biden is creepy, thats well established from other video evidence as well. I don’t believe he used the word horny to that 13 year old girl, the audio is not clear.
            Frankly sir, i do not want to get there and I hope i never do. Its conspiracy peddling and I don’t like that it is being used for political gamemanship. All the references to satanic rituals and illuminati are the language of conspiracy theory. I find it sad humans feel a need to buy into it. I sense a person is suffering from depression when he succumbs to it, whether it be related to avoiding reality or a loss of connection with reality. The images and concepts are disturbing, it clouds the mind and causes a weakness that allows emotion to overtake reason and critical thinking. There is enough in reality to hurt us and weaken us, why do we need to manufacture fantasies about having no control? God bless you Brother, I hope you are able to overcome the darkness.

        • BrotherPatriot

          Here’s 30 minutes of facts that are presented.

      • Here is an extensive list of high level government officials pedo convictions to set your mind straight.

        • BobSimonhouse

          I wish that article would be published in every major newspaper and magazine in the country, to put it right in the minds of Americans and get angry such deplorable people are allowed to reach such positions. I wouldn’t call most of them “high level” officials, but they aren’t worthy of the heights they reached regardless. And it would be ridiculous to think the list in any way proves or relates to the pizzagate farce. People are stupid, they believe shit with no proof and believe entities with no credibility. Since the Right has delegitimized journalism to a lot of people, they are latching onto conspiracies like a security blanket.

  • PlanetoftheAtheists

    So, ruining the lives of these innocent business owners isn’t enough for you degenerates? I hope they sue the shit out of you

    • Bill Kilgore

      Looks like the Perv Justice Warriors (PJWs) are on the scene.

    • Innocent? You sound like a moral relativism extremist who likes to use reverse projection. Your avatar is desciptive as well. .

      At the very least Alifantis is a word class douche bag, degenerate and pervert. And there are clear evidence and signs he is much, much worse.

      • Rufus Peckham

        Off topic, Brazilian soccer plane crashes in Columbia. Photos show….. wreckage of a plane. Amazing, isn’t it?

      • Rufus Peckham

        On ZH, they have a twitter article from (((Rita Katz))) that the Ohio State attacker has been claimed by ISIS to be one of their own… oh brother.

        • Yes, I am tired of covering these frauds and convincing people of it. Nothing coming from me on OSU.

    • John Klett

      Go back to sleep you moron and while you are there have a heart attack because pedophilia is the most vile and disgusting thing on the planet and either you get that or you are one.

      • Torchy Blane

        You’re a special kind of stupid. Hope you have a caregiver.

        • John Klett

          thanks! coming from folks like you on a topic like this… you must be one of them? Sleep tight little one, the end is near for you and for all you sick fucks!

          • Torchy Blane

            (Apologies, wrong thread)

      • BobSimonhouse

        I bet he gets that, I bet we can all agree on that. The problem here is this article is bullshit, the entire topic is bullshit. Unless and until some proof comes out, to talk about it is nothing more than spreading buillshit. So why, why spread buillshit?

      • Boko999

        Yes it is. That’s why accusing people of it without good reason is vile.
        Like yourself. Vile, that is.


      Innocent business owners? where do you live, on this planet or on a Mars? Have a little research and one advice for you, take your pink glasses or the blind fall off. If it’s not much trouble for you…. 😀

      • Wynston_Smyth

        You just look at the huge and gruesome pervert “art” Comet Pizza had displayed on it’s walls (which has very curiously been removed recently) and you know instantly no parent would never allow their child to get within a mile of the place — even liberal parents. This is not your average pizza parlor. They all need to be investigated — including Hillary.

  • NameCantBeBlank

    LOL! Thomas Muller, an ACTUAL pedophile, is writing articles about other pedophiles that don’t exist? Bless his heart.

  • Bill Kilgore

    James Alefantis rolling in blood. Then he sends this out in an instagram. Why would anybody think this perv is a pedo?

    • BobSimonhouse

      Good question. Indeed, why?


      Would you let your kids enter their restaurant or anywhere near knowing they are presenting themselves on the internet like this?!!!!
      Never!!! Normal person with love to their children would walk past this place 10.000 miles away.

  • elfmom55

    Trump controlled by Mossad. With Trump’s history I seriously doubt one of his own are going to do too much investigating.

  • Bobs_Vendetta

    Systematic rape and abuse of children and teens by people in positions of wealth and power is an ongoing phenomenon which periodically breaks into pubic awareness only to be quickly, often violently, suppressed. Nebraska several years ago, for example. there have been a number of instances in the U. S. and Europe.
    Is this an example? I do not know. But I would love to see a serious investigation carried out by people powerful enough to persevere.

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