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Remembering the Cathars, Who Fell Victim to the Psychopathic Control Grid

The Cathars were a European religious community in the 12th and early 13th centuries and were probably among the most decent people who ever graced the earth. The name “Cathar” was a slang term used by Catholics and was intended to be an insult. They called themselves “Good Men, Good Women,” or simply “Good Christians.”


They were, undeniably, dualists, who believed in two gods: a good god of love, who reigned over the spiritual world; and a bad god, who possessed the material world. Dualist Christianity gained adherents in Europe up to the point when the Cathars were exterminated. They believed in reincarnation, which worked as a societal equalizer and against authority. “Good” defined the movement, and dualism (concept or mythology of good and evil) presented a serious challenge to psychopathic control grids. To the Cathars, the Catholic church — with its sacraments, relics, rules and prohibitions — was seen as, at best, irrelevant.

During the late 12th century, the Catholic church was a mess. Corrupt and worldly archbishops and bishops led a trail of usury, ignorance and malpractice right down to the average village priest, who probably had a few concubines and was woefully ignorant of the substance of Christianity. In comparison, the wandering “perfect,” or Cathar holy man, was ascetic and saintly. He ate no meat, was celibate, and learned and lived as a simple, wandering artisan. “Perfects” had little difficulty winning adherents. The ideal Cathar knight was expected to be accomplished in all aspects of human endeavor — not just military prowess.

Cathars integrated well with other groups in their community. They didn’t engaged in “chosen people” superiority games and thus, they got along fine with practicing Catholics, although not the Catholic hierarchy. They were liberal toward others but judged people on their behaviors and were objective — not subjective — moralists. They were alert to satanism and paid attention to the natural order. Cathars were hardworking, and much of the religion’s proceeds went into decentralized community support systems, hospitals and such that were open to all people.

Innocent III: Cold Blooded Psychopath
Ultimately, they became a thorn in the side of the psychopathic control grid. Accordingly, the control grid under the ridiculously named Pope “Innocent” III, organized a Crusade in 1209 and exterminated them by sword and torch along with many of their Catholic neighbors, who rose to their defense. Large areas of southern France were depopulated by the psychopaths and their proto-psychopathic minions, who of course stole their land and belongings.

imagesBanished from history after this fate, in recent years there has been a Cathar revival of sorts in Southern France and Spain. Old dance and music has been recreated, some of which clearly shows the problem for the psychopaths. Cathars had classes based on merit, but had a sense of brotherhood. Upper-class Cathars would join right in on the festivals. If you want an example of dualism, contrast this particular good energy with the perversion of James Alefantis that the satanic control system of today seems so eager to defend.

In remembrance of the Cathars, and a lesson for modern day people: Hymn of the Cathars.

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  • The Nazarenes & the Essenes are still alive & well too..

  • Rufus Peckham

    Russ, what book resources do you recommend on the Cathars?

  • Brabantian

    Tho Cathars were victims of immense oppression & torture-horror, they had some weird & unpleasant ideas & practices … and some today say the current controlling paedophile cabal of the West has ‘Cathar’ roots.

    French intellectuals sometimes admit the extermination & massacres of the Cathars were the greatest human rights crime of France’s history. The Cathar ‘dualism’ is a window into the idea that the conquest-slavery Abrahamic ‘God’ of the Bible may have been a demon.

    Some Cathars were celibate, others thought any sex or masturbation etc that doesn’t involve making children was ok … But Cathars thought sex to have children, & marriage itself, were bad, as making children ‘trapped’ spirits in human bodies which Cathars despised … Some Cathars viewed children as ‘demons’ till they grew up & had ‘wisdom’ … The idea the human body is ‘nothing’ somewhat serves the paedophile impulse.

    For some of the alt-culture researchers, the Cathars are the roots of the Protestant Anglo Empire more heterosexual paedophile cabal, in a war 8 centuries long with the more homosexual Roman Catholic Vatican cabal with its gay paedophile priests etc … Here are 2 writers, the husband-wife team of Paul Fitzgerald & Elizabeth Gould, on how they see the killing of US President Kennedy in 1963 as a Cathar ritual killing:

    « Killing the only Roman Catholic President of the United States on the site of the first Masonic Temple in Dallas on the Masonic day of revenge for the destruction of the Knights Templar (November 22) bespeaks a ritual; & the ritual to which it bespeaks belongs to the Cathars … George Bush was descended from Earl Richard de Clare, “Strongbow,” the same man who drew the Fitzgerald family en masse into Ireland in 1169 … the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy could have been an act of retribution for an eight hundred year old vendetta. »

    • Ouch, bursting my Cathar bubble? Sounds like the victors may have written the history on that one.

    • michaelmobius1

      interesting. The Cathars are an interesting bunch but their idolisation probably reflects the fact that we are living in a largely gnostic paradigm in the present c.f. Vogelin

      Sex as reproduction, and by extension the family have very much been under attack. The idea that the world is evil is an old one, but very current in some ways. A lot of green thinking also fits into this world. It is small wonder that our elites focus upon population control, and such things as global warming i.e. it may be partly about resources / environment but it is also about an ideological take on the world. Likewise feminism, gay rights, and particularly transexualism (the soul trapped in the material body?) is a reflection of this gnostic world view that has surreptitiously crept up on us

  • jhnycmltly

    If you remember this fact .. the demand given , to expose a heretic/Cathar .. was .. “kill this chicken” and if they refused, they killed them by pouring hot lead down their throat.

    Logic tells you they were strict vegetarian Christians who knew the true teachings of Christ, you shalt not kill, anything that bleeds/covenant of blood.

    They refused to kjll and it became their undoing.
    One might think they would have realised/logic, compared to a chicken ‘taking one for the team’, the loss of a Cathar is priceless.