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Compare Side By Side: Fox Faux News Interview With Pizzagate’s Alefantis and Reality

I was hoping someone would do this, and here it is: The infamous Megyn Kelly interview with James Alefantis on Fox News Network (FNN). Unlike CNN and MSNBC, which have dwindling viewership, Fox News (FNN) still has undeservedly high ratings. As this Fox PR-style puff piece involving Alefantis illustrates, it dishes faux news as well as the rest of them.

During Kelly’s interview of Alefantis, FNN put up two of “Jimmycomet” images: The one of the little girl taped to the table and the storage locker photo. Both were put on the screen without the text message exchange referencing #killroom and #murder, etc., in the back-and-forth online exchange between perverts. FNN just omitted it, and here is that interview.

But what you are going to see in the following video is the full ensemble of Alefantis Instagram messages, which include the text. The text is also critical. Alefantis fully admits in his FNN appearance (and elsewhere) that the images were not faked but rather taken from his “social media.”

Hat tip to Renegade Tribune (and Radio) as well as their sister publication Firestarter Media for the video. It should go viral. Renegade will soon release a new film on Pizzagate (aka Pedogate). I actually lent financial support to it.

Among the alt media, Renegade is closest to my views and perspective on issues. I am a regular reader and like their radio shows. Last night’s show with Kyle Hunt was especially thought provoking. Their documentary “Hellstorm” is on The New Nationalist’s (TNN) list of Recommended Videos. Renegade has a good-size readership and has been about the only site and ally that has been actively linking and promoting TNN’s work. Sadly much of the rest of the so-called alt-right media strikes us as not fully awake, disappointing limited hangouts or even controlled opposition (Milo, really?).

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