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Mass Shootings: What a F’ing Coincidence

All of a sudden, as if by osmosis and mushrooms sprouting in a forest, reporting on “mass shootings” goes off the charts. Prior to 2007, it was hardly ever heard of in American life. Now, there seems to be one weekly, especially on Fridays. It has gotten to be an inside TGIF joke between me The New Nationalist’s Torchy Blane.


Then, starting in 2012, a plague of crazed, “no-motive,” boogeymen comes out of left field. The latest twist and iteration is the “ISIS connection” and, of course. “mental illness.” It’s amazing what hoaxes and a Crime Syndicate-controlled media can create.

Sets a new jump bar for the portrayal of crazy shooter.

Looking at the long-term trends and based on my close examination of a number of high profile shooting events, my estimate is that at least 90% of these reports in recent years are hoaxes or agitprop fabrications.

I have heard no plausible explanations as to why there has been at least a 20-fold increase of these reported mass-shooter events against random, stranger targets in recent years. Where did the mentally ill, online “jihad forums” osmosis come from? What’s with Friday? What are the odds? What is the standard deviation?

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  • Douteux55

    Absolutely agree. Always the same profile, frequently ex-military, disillusioned, troubled. A lot of it is to rally people around gun restrictions and ultimately confiscation. It also incites lots of fear and loathing towards Muslims/jihadis. But people don’t realize that a lot of the rabble that passes for jihadis is in fact released felons from all corners of the Muslim world and planet rounded up into mercenary terror units. Great piece about the the Turkish situation on by Meissen explaining the nature of these jihadi groups and how they are fundamentally devients looking for a violent outlet. Erdogan finds himself against the wall this time. All with US help of course. Have you seen any footage of this drama, Russ? I’m sure the film is blurry and useless, just like the recent beating of the handicapped fellow posted on FB. Not buying that one either. Oh, a friend of mine reports that the Polish TV news reported a similar incident in Poland on THE EXACT SAME DAY! What a coincidence!

  • Rufus Peckham

    So illogical for ‘turrrroists’ to waste money and time by attacking an airport in a random shooting. As Douteux said below, same profile, same background, same buzzwords thrown out by the media. Why is this considered terrorism and not just a regular crime?