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Torchy’s ‘Merica: #WomensMarch Parades Degeneracy, Ignorance

The pink caps with cat ears donned by protesters was in reference to Trump’s vulgar statements about grabbing women’s genitals.

He went low, so they went lower. The weekend’s presidential inauguration and #WomensMarch offered up social media imagery that spoke louder than expletives shouted through megaphones. Makes one wonder: Just what kind of brainwashing is going on here?

Sufragettes 1917: ‘Women deserve the dignity of equal political rights.’ Feminists, 2017: ‘Let’s dress as vaginas and screech in public.’

Image found on Twitter: @rmayersingerThe pink knit caps with pointy ears worn by protesters Saturday is a convoluted story indeed. They’re meant to be a slam on Trump for his pussy-grabbing remark revealed in a secret video just before the election. If you believe the Pussyhat Project website, thousands upon thousands of women worldwide must’ve spontaneously taken up knitting out of anger and spite over Thanksgiving. According to The Los Angeles Times’ version of the story, a little knitting shop in Atwater Village is the wellspring. The day of the event, WaPo reported that “organizers” planned to hand out 5,400 of them during the march. Looks and sounds like Soros skulduggery to me.

Kleptocratic Zionist Takeover

Trump brought a bust of Winston Churchill back into the oval office.  See Neocon Stooge Winston Churchill Bought and Paid for by Jewish Interests. 

In one of this first acts as President, Trump sends architects to work on new American embassy in Jerusalem.

Jewish billionaires had special seating during the inauguration — only Woody Johnson is non-Jewish and Phil Ruffin is an evangelical Zionist.

Last speaker before POTUS inaugurated: (((Schumer))). First speaker after POTUS inaugurated: ((Rabbi Hier))). Jews make up just 2 percent of the U.S. .

Alter Reality

During the course of the weekend, I heard non-stop derogatory refrains about “Nazis” and “fascists,” so I decided to fact check further for comparisons. Thank goodness for the internet, where one can research hidden history unfiltered. If Rip Van Winkle fell asleep in 1938 and woke up over the weekend, I wonder what he would’ve thought.

Look at all the evil Nazis. Look at the fear in their eyes. Not even much security here and a lot of trust.

Where’s the love? Event is Austria being united with Germany. Second video is Trump’s inauguration parade. Trump is certainly no Hitler.

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