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Congresswoman Returns From Syria With ‘Proof’ Obama Funded ISIS

Congresswoman from Hawaii Tulsi Gabbard. PHOTO: via Daily Kos

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard told CNN that she has proof the Obama administration was funding ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

By Baxter Dmitry | 26 January 2017

YOUR NEWS WIRE — Hawaii Rep. Gabbard went to Syria on a secret fact-finding mission to wade through the lies and propaganda and find out what is really happening on the ground.

Immediately on her return CNN booked her for an “exclusive” interview – and Gabbard told them exactly what they didn’t want to hear: she has proof the Obama administration was funding ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

Explaining to Jake Tapper that she met people from all walks of life in Aleppo and Damascus, Gabbard said that Syrians “expressed happiness and joy at seeing an American walking their streets.” But they also wanted to know “why is it that the United States, its allies and other countries, are providing support, are providing arms, to terrorist groups like Al-Nusra, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, who are on the ground there, raping, kidnapping, torturing, and killing the Syrian people?

“They asked me why is the United States supporting these terrorist groups who are destroying Syria – when it was Al-Qaeda who attacked the United States on 9/11, not Syria.

“I didn’t have an answer for that.” […]

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  • Rufus Peckham

    One bright spot in the Trump administration. If we are to trust Wikipedia, her husband is a freelance photographer in Honolulu with middle class parents. Refreshing to see someone not employed in the Crime Syndicate by marriage.

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