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When is it Okay to Restrain a Child with Duct Tape? Never – Unless You’re the Political Elite

PHOTO: James Alefantis/Instagram

Police arrested a black, 18-year-old, Ohio woman last month for third-degree felony abduction after posting to Facebook a video in which she advises parents not to whoop their unruly tykes but rather “just tape ‘em to the wall.” In the video, her son can be seen restrained by duct tape on his wrists and mouth.

Yes, the media “demands answers” when the abuse involves a black teenager and her baby but apparently doesn’t care when it involves a white child and a gay D.C. pizza shop owner. James “Pizzagate” Alefantis of Comet Ping Pong Pizza gets nothing but sympathy from Fox’s Megyn Kelly [1:15] after he posted to Instagram a photo of his godchild taped to a table.

The Ohio mother and Alefantis both claim they were merely joking around. Of course, the video is more graphic than the photo. But keep in mind that we have no context for the photo other than what Alefantis tells us. And, of course, he would never lie. After all, this liberal elitist is one of the most 50 powerful people is Washington, D.C., according to GQ magazine.

But such act offends the sensibilities of those who don’t see a child as a burden or a plaything — or even a prop, as the following Halos oranges commercial demonstrates. Do 80 IQ mothers, as seen above, get suggestions and anchoring from such commercials?

That sick commercial launched an onslaught of complaints; yet, the company and broadcasters still aired the spot, surely to the glee of perverts who wish to desensitize us to child abuse.

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