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Et Tu, Brute? Trump is the Stalking Horse for Pence

Pence takes a call from his masters PHOTO: Steve Helber/AP

The New Nationalist (TNN) now holds that Donald Trump was elected as a stalking horse for Mike Pence. Pence is the perfect globalist, bankster minion and evangelical Zionist neocon. And he already has most of his cabinet in place, which will be useful when the 25th Amendment cabinet removal of Trump from office is invoked. Whether Trump is in on it or is the patsy is subject to debate, but we suspect the former. But it doesn’t really matter. The die is cast.

The role playing couldn’t be more obvious, as almost daily Trump engages in erratic, mentally unstable World Wide Wrestling Federation behaviors. If he isn’t rattling Mexico’s cage, it’s Sweden’s. Tomorrow some other national leader will be insulted, or he will dislocate somebody’s shoulder with his alpha WWWF handshake.

Meanwhile, Pence plays the perfect straight man and acts the steady statesman. Pay close attention because his image is being buoyed by the same elements and usual suspects who make sure Trump’s stature is brought down. All by cognitive design. One day, Pence goes to Munich to hobnob with globalists. The next, he’s in a desecrated Jewish cemetery speaking out against antisemitism. And we have this contrived scene in which Bono offers Pence “his friendship” because of his great humanitarian work on “AIDS in Africa.” Yes, it’s hats off and hands off to the great untouchable statesman Michael Pence. Meet your next president.

Then there’s the Federal Reserve, which is effectively blackmailing Trump. In the recently released minutes, its mucky mucks laid it out: Trump policies could lead to rate hike “fairly soon.” Trump’s policies? Really? Inflation has just hit a 59-month high of 2.5% and the break-even inflation rate is far too low. That has little to do with Trump. He’s the fall guy, the foil. Rates need to go up and a lot. Even if they react, it’s too late. Inflation is already out of the bag.

But also watch for Trump to suddenly blurt out that he will follow through on his campaign promise to audit the Fed, which would reveal which banks and firms it gave money to during and after the crises starting in 2008. This would expose all the hidden criminal dealing when the Fed spent trillions illegally around the world bailing out subsidiaries of the largest banks and firms — Pence’s masters.

Beware, Beware the Ides of March

The next Fed meeting is March 15, and TNN takes the odds for a rate hike. Also on March 15 is the ultra-important U.S. debt-ceiling deadline. March 15th is also the date of the Dutch election. What a coincidence, the ides of March. The MSM chatter will gear up on that issue at nearly the last minute. TNN already wrote about Trump’s budget director, Mick Mulvaney, a austerity super-hawk and proponent of a government shutdown. When the government is shut down in a classic Trumpian alpha in the China Shop moment, the system will feign surprise.

A country with $20 trillion in debt and a phony and fraudulent AAA rating is a sitting duck for a downgrade in this climate and situation. Look for that to happen. Then watch Trump say something totally contrary that triggers a further negative financial reaction right when the cognoscenti is waiting for the standard bailout meme.

This ides of March will then finally take out the stock market bubble, a situation that has lulled far too many people asleep. It will only take a few weeks of full-blown color revolution after ides of March to finish the job.

And where is Mike Pence in all this? Looking very calm, collected and presidential while Trump the clown ramps up his wild-man act to the nth degree. Soon enough, even Donald’s most fervent supporters will be howling for a problem-reaction-solution to this misery.

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