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South Africa Will Become Zimbabwe, or Worse. Is This the Future of the Whole World?

Sometimes pictures speak louder than words.

Step one: Harass whites into leaving, then steal their property. See “Zimbabwe, No Place for Whites” (or anybody for that matter) in video highlights in the right column.



Mugabe and the white Africans

Not long afterward, word comes from Zimbabwe:


Oh no, FUBAR. Fresh wave of migrants enter Europe from Africa. Mugabe, with economy ruined, has a change of heart.



Future of the world?

The dilemma: As a percentage, there aren’t that many white people of European descent left. Will the last ones please turn off the lights.


Revealing new interview with E. Michael Jones on his investigation of life in African socialist run Tanzania, yet another failing state.

Whites who proudly identify as such are shamed. #hypocrisy



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  • Roy Hobs

    The water pump didn’t get fixed because of corruption.
    My lying eyes! It is amazing the cognitive dissonance of our people. Why can’t we just recognize the obvious and then not fear what others will say. I just don’t get it.
    I’m not sure what triggers Christians more — that the races don’t all come from Adam and Eve; or the Jews are not God’s chosen people. Both will get them all riled up. Bizarre.