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Hope Springs Eternal: Degenerate Music Sales Plunge

Sales of recent U.S. music releases have been fading for some time now. Catalog albums (defined as albums 18 months old and older) began outselling new releases, doing so for the first time on record in 2015.  Data for 2016 shows older catalog albums gaining even more, outselling new releases by a wide 60-40 ratio.

A closer look suggests that declining sales are not just due to piracy. The more fundamental problem may simply be that the music industry is not offering customers music that they want. Existing research demonstrates that only 5% of the American population over the age of 18 considers the last two decades (from 2000 to current) as having the best music.

Blow-back and Ignoring Large Markets?

Even though the music and entertainment industry has been dominated by pervert justice warriors (PJW) and their tastes for quite sometime, it arguably wasn’t used to openly promote insane weirdness and degeneracy to the degree it is now [see “Fuller House”]. In the last 15 years the Luciferian transhumanist element has kicked into overdrive. I submit that more and more people may be turning away or recoiling from the constant torrent of soulless and satanic garbage that the record labels are promoting.

Although the young, white, heterosexual male has been thoroughly demoralized, demonized and impacted by pop culture in recent years, that doesn’t mean he totally supports with his pocketbook this filth as a product. Nor has he gone the way of the dodo bird just yet. The rabble that produces contemporary music might want to re-fact check its market demographics. There are still 105 million white straight males under the age of 40 in the United States.

The rock genre of the 1990s and earlier was geared more toward a white male market. It’s largely diminished. Plus, many of the musicians before the turn of the century were promoted because they actually had some talent. They also showed male bravado.

The acts featured now seem to be these weird creations designed to push bizarre culture-destroying agendas. Top it off with the constant stream of mentally challenged (aka retarded) gangsta black rappers like Kanye West, 50 Cent and Lil Wayne, and it is obvious to see why the music industry is in decline.

This is not just immoral, it is a bad business model. It is heartening to see it beginning to fail. A boycott would be just the ticket to put the dagger into this vampire’s heart.

Lil Wayne: try and listen to the lyrics (can follow here), absurd.

This last example is so in-your-face, it doesn’t even require comment.

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