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Poetic Justice: Internet Activist Starts GoFundMe Campaign to Purchase Internet Data of Those Who Gutted FCC Privacy Regulations

Once in awhile those of us who still have a pulse have an opportunity to land a blow to the Judas minions and tawdry sycophants who carry out the bidding of the Crime Syndicate. The plans of privacy and net neutrality activist Adam McElhaney is a prime example of this. We covered the appalling passage of S.J.Res 34 yesterday. Now, thanks to Congress and their lobbyists, your Internet history can be bought.

For a change of pace, we have a real actionable opportunity as activists to move beyond the smokin’ and jokin’ indifference and Monday-morning quarterbacking on the sidelines. Our hero McElhaney has organized a GoFundMe campaign for the purpose of purchasing the Internet histories of key legislators, congressmen, executives and their families who were involved with this legislation and make them easily searchable at

Everything from their medical records to the financial info, their pornography habits to their kinks and infidelities will all be available. Anything these Judas Goats have looked at online, searched for or purchased on the Internet will now be available for everyone to comb through.

Additionally, since we didn’t get an opportunity to vote on whether our private and personal browsing history should be bought and sold, McElhaney wanted to show our legislators what a “voting (aka money) democracy” in a Crime Syndicate world can look like. And bravo! The votes are tallied and we already have six whose online history will be bought first. Those usual-suspect sellouts and Judas Goats are listed at below.

The good news is that the GoFundMe campaign is trending so well that we will likely get the satisfaction of putting even more of these nasty sellouts on display on the public pillories. Bet they never thought about the Pandora’s Box they opened, eh?

You can donate here. The New Nationalist (TNN) donated $100 for starters. At publication time of this post, the “Purchase Private Internet Histories” GoFundMe campaign has raised $154,635 — and this is in only two days. Lookin’ good!

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