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Ron Paul: Chemical Attack in Syria May Have Been False Flag by Deep State to Undermine Peace

By Cassandra Fairbanks | 5 April 2017

WE ARE CHANGE — During Wednesday’s Liberty Report, Ron Paul asserted that he believes there is “zero chance” that the chemical attack in Syria was conducted by Bashar al-Assad.

“Just days after the US Administration changed course on Syrian President Assad, saying he could stay, an alleged chemical weapon attack that killed dozens of civilians has been blamed on the Syrian government,” the description for the stream read. “Did Assad sign his own death warrant with such an attack…or does some other entity benefit?”

The former Texas congressman explained that the timing of the incident was strange, as things were going reasonably well in Syria given the conditions. He noted that Trump had allowed the Syrians to decide who should be running their country, and that peace talks were in the works and terror groups were “on the run.”

“It looks like, maybe, somebody didn’t like that so there had to be an episode, and the blame now is we can’t let that happen because it looks like it might benefit Assad,” Paul asserted.

Paul then referenced the 2013 incident, and the “red line.” He noted that neoconservatives have been “yelling and screaming,” including a portion of the administration, that Assad used poison gas on the Syrian people. […]

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