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The Billy Madison Ultimate Insult Award for 2017 Goes to The Daily Fail, Again


The New Nationalist’s (TNN) original plan was to make our Billy Madison Ultimate Insult award for preposterous stories an annual year-end event. Last year’s winner was faux media The Daily Fail (aka Daily Mail) out of the U.K. for reporting on an ISIS group suited and booted for a 5,000-mile ocean voyage in a small dingy. This farce was busted by Australian police. That ludicrous tall-tale script for dum dumbs can be gleaned here. (((Daily Fail))) takes the cake for ISIS stories and Muslim-demonization staged deceptions.

All About Da’ Love

This year’s insult award is going to be given prematurely to the same “news” publication. They have conjured up a doozy. The claim is that one “Susanne K,” a vaguely identified German woman (with no photo), hooked up with the brother of Anis Amri, the Berlin Christmas truck attacker. Susanne messaged condolences to Walid Amri “on Christmas Day,” two days after the event. One thing led to another and viola, the pair are now hoping to get married. Walid is said to call Susanne “my love” and is happy to adopt her children as his own.  Naturally, they will live in Berlin. What kind of New Age hocus pocus is this one?

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