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The Real Purposes of the Macron Leaks

IMAGE: Knights Templar International

As anticipated, the Crime Syndicate’s selection for the president of France, Emmanuel Macron, won handily. Per usual, the last-minute drama of this election involved tawdry, sleazy-sounding leaks surrounding the new president. Some of the leaks were concerning drug use and homosexuality. Some spoke to the hiding of offshore money and corrupt dealings.

Another Macron leak contained secret plans for the Islamization of France and Europe. Among other things, this is a very divisive scheme to have France’s history with Muslim countries rewritten to teach French children that Islam was always part of France. The document also recommends the introduction of Arabic teaching to French schools, including bi-lingual classes. This scheme is called convergence theory as related to the two European and African shores of the Mediterranean.

The New Nationalist (TNN) doubts that this leak episode is anywhere near complete. There are several agendas afoot. First is the intent to demonize alt-media and social media for even discussing it. French mainstream media is outright banned from reporting on it, at least until after the election. This was planned for a while and timed perfectly so that people would turn to social media, and then be exposed to a lot of lies and slander mixed with truth. So now we will get an ear full about the lies, slander and the so-called “hate speech” aspect. Next, look for more steps to be taken to sweep up and discredit the alt-media in some “hate speech” dragnet. Of course, a “Russian narrative” will be inserted into this latest psyop as well.

Second, TNN suspects more scandals will be brought forth from the Macron leaks that will destabilize the French political system and damage this puppet president. This latest political marionette is also right out of central casting.

He is the poster boy for sleaze and weirdness. The tabloids will have a field day. Additionally, France has a very inflated credit rating. Look for a downgrade at the first sign of more political unrest. This is the same formula being applied to the U.S. with Trojan horse and Red Queen Donald Trump.

Source: EU survey

As it stands, a very high number of French citizens didn’t even vote. A recent poll shows that high percentages of Europeans age 18-34 are ready to hit the streets in a “large-scale uprising” rather than participate in a faux, rigged electoral process. In France, this was 61% even before our anticipated additional fallout from the Macron leaks. Later this year, watch for the same leak/scandal pattern to emerge in the general election in Italy, where 65% of young adults are ready for an uprising. Ditto with Spain at 63%.

This outpouring of discontent is totally understandable; however, the question begs: How does this revolution manifest itself? As more divide-and-conquer (((Bagelian dialectic)))? Will it be a Trotskyite Antifa movement? Where is the anti-war movement? Inquiring minds are asking what happened to Occupy Wall Street. Will the counter forces be exclusively anti-Muslim without understanding the weaponized migration and Kosher forces behind it all? Sure looks that way so far.

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