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Louisiana Black Caucus Condemns ‘Disgusting’ Vote by House to Block Removal of New Orleans Monuments

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By Mark Ballard | 16 May 2017

THE ADVOCATE — The Louisiana House approved legislation Monday aimed at blocking the removal of Confederate monuments, causing the 24-member Legislative Black Caucus to walk out.

A largely party-line 65-31 vote followed an emotionally charged two hours of debate and comes as the majority-black New Orleans is taking down statues of figures from the Civil War’s Confederacy.

“It was disgusting. We just couldn’t stay,” said Black Caucus member Rep. Terry Landry, D-Lafayette, while waiting in the hall for an aide to get his glasses and cellphone from his desk in the chamber. “You have to stand for something.”

The measure now goes to the state Senate for consideration. Two other proposals with similar objectives — House Bill 292 and Senate Bill 198 — are awaiting a hearing in committees. […]

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  • Roy Hobs

    “Whites” are the only race that does not think “racially”. We used to. What the hell happened? That is the question.

    • Steve

      The unfortunate total defeat of National Socialist Germany by ZOG nations led to the most absurd lies and hoaxes which have brainwashed multiple generations of whites and white governments.

      • Roy Hobs

        The ‘worst’ generation.

  • Steve

    The left terrorists of which the radical blacks are mere foot soldiers, desire all white nationalist memorabilia and history be destroyed. Louisiana House did the right thing of course, but the radicals will be back. The ultimate enemy Zionism never gives up.