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The Memo: Trump Base Shows Signs of Cracking

PHOTO: The Washington Post/Getty

By Niall Stanage | 20 May 2017

THE HILL — President Trump’s previously resilient base is showing signs of cracking.

A new Reuters/IPSOS tracking poll, released Friday afternoon, showed the president with a job approval rating of 75 percent among Republicans.

Political professionals generally view it as worrying for any commander-in-chief if his approval ratings with his own party dip below 85 percent — and downright alarming if they go below 80 percent.

“Seventy-five [percent] is certainly a new number and I would want to see something that would either back that up or refute it,” said GOP pollster David Winston, whose resumé includes work for former Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.). “Certainly, if it were true, that is not where you would want to be.” […]

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