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Major Bloopers in Oregon ‘Militia’ Standoff Fraud


My goal these days in identifying agitprop black-ops deception is to give readers the best of the in-your-face, low-hanging fruit. The Crime Syndicate behind these operations screws up constantly; but here at The New Nationalist (TNN), I go with the WTF, blow-your-mind, keep-it-simple-stupid (KISS) material as much as possible. This I have learned. A long analysis will cause friends, family and neighbors to glaze over to varying degrees, depending on their drug-dose levels, fluoride intake, exposure to mainstream “electric news” and predisposition to normalcy bias.

Other than warily watching and observing that the “Oregon militia” event from last year looked straight out of Hollywood central casting, I was going to skip this one — but then some of that aforementioned low-hanging fruit appeared.

‘Militia’ casting for Dumb Dumbs 101

The fake Oregon “militia” made the error of running a live stream of their “stand off.” The whole scene looked theatrical and contrived. Then, at one point, a guy shows up and asks the fake “militia” to sign “talent releases” for film production and distribution. This can be seen at minute 1:20 in the video below. One “militiaman” then rushes to turn off video stream. Rather, this reinforces the central-casting theory. More on that is coming in Sunday’s article.

The “shooting” and killing of LaVoy Finicum (note the par-for-the-course strange name) also was a real stretch. It was almost as if the storytellers didn’t quite know how to end this staged event.

So here is the FBI’s video of how it all when down. First, they got the time stamp and date all messed up. Regular readers know they do this far too often. You will see clear signs of editing with sections of the sequence removed entirely.

After stopping and then racing away, “Finicum” comes to a road block and veers into a snow drift. He didn’t even brake. Then he gets out of the vehicle. For what purpose? To run into the forest? To get immobilized in snow? What’s with the absurd herky-jerky snow dance? Suicide by cop? As if by osmosis, an officer pops out the forest, comes up from behind and shoots him in back? Really?

Goal of this fraud was to create a boogeyman narrative around the concept of “militias.” Hoax and fraud index for this event: Beyond the Pale.

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