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NYT ‘Racist’ Observation Has Grand Flaw — Or Was It An Omission?

In a blatant attempt to stir and stimulate readership, The New York Times is race baiting with its new editorial section feature called “Was That Racist?” in which readers are encouraged to share their perceived slights using this form.

The contributors thus far are already writers for the NYT. Sunday Metro reporter Greg Howard authored the first featurette titled “Power Play.” Howard, a black claims white women own the sidewalks of New York City and make little attempt to follow normal social protocols of stepping to one side when passing black men on the sidewalk. He writes:

Sometimes they’re buried in their phones. Other times, they’re in pairs and groups, and in conversation. But often, they’re looking ahead, through me, if not quite at me. When white women are in my path, they almost always continue straight, forcing me to one side without changing their course. This happens several times a day; and a couple of times a week, white women force me off the sidewalk completely. In these instances, when I’m standing in the street or in the dirt as a white woman strides past, broad-shouldered and blissful, I turn furious.

Really? In the world of the black-gang knock-out game, it is nonsensical to believe any white person — let alone women — would get into a situation where they are body checked or bumped by younger or even middle-aged black males.

Howard’s observation makes zero sense in my female WASPy world. Was the NYT making this stuff up? Not necessarily. It suddenly dawned on me that he’s talking about New York City. Well, of course! He’s telling the truth, but his observation is fundamentally flawed. He failed to make a very significant distinction.

Census data shows that of the 8.175 million people in NYC, only 3.597 million (44%) are white. Among those “whites,” 1.757 million (49%) are Jewish. So, most likely, these “white women” he’s talking about are actually pushy JAPs (Jewish American Princesses) and their self-aggrandizing ilk.

When I was in Poland not long ago, I stayed at a Holiday Inn in Krakow that was packed to the hilt with Jews from New York on some Shoah pilgrimage to Auschwitz. The women were rude, pushy and arrogant. In the lobby, in hallways, in the restaurant at breakfast, they seem to almost make a sport of physically bearing down on people who crossed their path, all the while never really acknowledging their presence. It infuriated me, too.

So I appreciate what Howard is talking about — but let’s not lump all “white women” together; eh, Howard? Were these “white women” JAPs? Is that the real “Power Play” and the (((NYT))) won’t let you make the distinction? Or have you spent so long in the sewer you can no longer smell the stench? Enough of the half truths! Enough of having gentile whites taking the fall for Jewish behaviors.

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