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UPDATE: An Examination of the Charlottesville Car Crash: Accident, Assault or Staged Deception?

The Crime Syndicate behind staged events has been embedding into the minds of masses the notion that vehicles are commonly used as weapons against crowds. Before the last year, this would have been rarely heard of. When pondering your own interaction as a pedestrian with vehicles on roads and streets, you no doubt recall that at a young age you developed an awareness of oncoming traffic. My mother repeatedly told me to look both ways before entering the street.

Most Americans are good drivers, they’re around vehicles continuously and, as such, develop necessary instincts and awareness. But at Charlottesville (and elsewhere, such as the Berlin Christmas and Nice truck attacks), people can be seen standing like deer in the headlights as vehicles careen and bear down upon them.

One such video of the Charlottesville crash, taken by Brennan Gilmore, shows a rear view of the car approaching the crowd, then speeding away in reverse. Examine the 46-second clip below. The majority of the video shows pavement and of the scene well after the car drove off. We are provided brief snippets of usable images. The primary one is between minute 0:02- 0:04, when the grey Dodge Challenger is approaching the crowd. The driver is not moving at a high speed. People are getting out of the way.

After minute 0:04, this film offers no value for analysis, as Gilmore moves left so his angle is blocked by someone I call “Mr. Yellow Hat.” Then at 0:06, when he could have got in position to get valuable money shots of this event, Gilmore starts filming the pavement. Then at 0:21, he managed to get back in the game to film the car in reverse dragging long pieces of metal debris presumed to be the bumper and front grill of the car.

Brennan Gilmore’s Video

Next we go to the impact crash with the white car, which can be seen at minute 0:18. Now, watch it frame by frame and you will notice that this otherwise decent-quality video becomes blurred, as if a filter has been overlaid. CGI? At impact, you will see a heavyset woman hurled into the air. You have to look closely, because it’s blurred and pixelated.

BNO News Footage

At 0:19-0:20 after contact is made, you can see individuals in the crowd well past the impact zone who are just frozen, no reaction. Replay the Gilmore clip above and you will hear loud screams all the way along the car’s approach path from start to impact. Are these people deaf or have a death wish? Here is another photo taken from behind of a large frozen crowd people standing there in close proximity with no reaction. Don’t they notice others fleeing the road?

The following photo offers the perspective from behind the Challenger and shows two men (actually four if you look in front of car) being hurled into the air like acrobats. As the heavyset lady went forward and airborne, the acrobats demonstrate a different type of cartoon physics. Once again, people in front of the charging vehicle are barely budging.

People fly into the air as a vehicle drives into a group of protesters demonstrating against a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va., Saturday, Aug. 12, 2017. The nationalists were holding the rally to protest plans by the city of Charlottesville to remove a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee. There were several hundred protesters marching in a long line when the car drove into a group of them. (Ryan M. Kelly/The Daily Progress via AP)
People fly into the air as a vehicle drives into a group of protesters at a rally in Charlottesville, Va., Saturday, Aug. 12, 2017. PHOTO: Ryan M. Kelly/The Daily Progress/AP

This “NewsTube” video emerged. This one is the most revealing and is pure Hollywood. Focus on slow motion full screen starting at 0:15. It shows stunt men failing to react to approaching danger and bouncing off the car coming in. Then they are shown getting right back on their feet unharmed. Light brown haired upside down stunt man in the still shot is on his feet at left- 0:40 in video.

Here is photo (video 0:55) of Mr. Red Shoe stunt man, minus a shoe, sitting on the hood of the black truck as the Challenger reverses. Then another group gets directly behind the car as it reverses. One zombie jumps on the back hood as the car is backing up. Who would do that?

Go to 0:22 and full screen- notice how the gray filter is back on at the front right side of the car. The gray filter is also visible starting at 0:25 on individuals on the back left side of the vehicle. This makes the personas and their motions and conditions indistinguishable. One second you are watching clear imagery and then blurs and grayish filtered fog where and when it matters.

Then, starting at 0:26, the brilliant BNO photographer starts filming his thumb, completely misses the event and provides a narrative about a Nazi driving into the group. The driver was behind tinted glass, so how would the cameraman have any idea who was driving? Filming the backs of heads, hands, thumbs, pavement, trees overhead, the tops of buildings coupled with narratives that instantly solve the crime are all hallmarks of staged psyops events. We have seen and covered this over and over and over and over again.

In the next video, yet again we have a herky jerky video that is blocked by fingers and theatrics just when things get interesting at minute 0:23. At 0:44, Finger Lady proclaims, “Those cars ran down all these people.” How many do you see? One dead and 26 wounded? Do you see that many casualties in the NewsTube video? Decide for yourselves, but about all I see in this clip is what my old basketball coach referred to as “wasted motion” — wasted motion for the purpose of putting on a performance.

Finger Lady video

Incompetence? In the next video we see this sleight of hand with a so-called award-winning Boston Globe photojournalist at the Boston Marathon bombing. When the smoke clears and he goes to the rail, the upper floors of buildings are filmed with only glimpses of where it matters.

Boston Globe footage

The next clip (The Last Stand) is streamed video from a different angle. I am interested in the part starting at minute 0:14. This sickening image and audio racket are designed to stir the emotions in everybody. But try to examine it and all these videos with an investigator’s eye. Here you see the heavy girl hurled airborne in bizarre fashion over the top of the white car. Consider the speed of the gray car in the first video, described as about 20 mph. Is this physics likely, or even plausible at that speed?

At minute 0:28, you see the blurry image of a small black woman or girl, picking herself off the hood. She looks partially pinned. Seconds later and right when it may become revealing to thinking observers, this photographer begins shooting the top floors of buildings before the video is cut off. At about min. 1:00, they come back to the cameramen “filming chaos,” in this case almost all screaming and images of overhead wires, trees, and surrounding buildings. The rest of the video shows a whirling, jerky camera, poor quality footage, a narrative, and scenes (CGI?) that are a little different from other staged events. An observer would not be able to identify any person in this multitude or really make a whole lot of sense of the scene in which 26 were alleged wounded and one killed. Curiously, the narrator does point out that it took several minutes for police to arrive.

The Last Stand Footage

A state police helicopter was reported to have crashed killing two officers. Here is the photo of the “wreckage.” Nothing combines here either. If two officers do actually turn up dead or missing, keep in mind that many of these deceptions involve tying up the loose ends of honest or untouchable police, such as Commissaire Helric Fredou. 

TNN Takeaway: At the end of the day, Virginia’s governor made slurs against those protesting against the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue, called them Nazis and told them to go home and stay home. Free speech in the U.S. is finished. That much is obvious. If you show up to protest legitimate issues, expect to be slurred, gamed and hoaxed to no end. You will go head to head with nasty AntiFa. You may be manipulated by Judas Goat controlled opposition. If you think police will protect you, wrong again. Did Richard Spencer learn a Beavis and Butthead life lesson?

Therefore, we agree in part with the governor’s advice. However, I would add that those working to preserve heritage and not be subject to replacement should organize a boycott. Do not spend a dime in any community like Charlottesville or with any company, such Airbnb, that is involved with skullduggery like we witnessed this week. I would add to that New Orleans, which has already removed its landmarks. I call on those who are organizing these protest events to switch their tactics and optics toward economic boycotts, as I believe there are millions of Americans (of all colors, not just whites) who oppose this replacement agenda.

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  • Roy Hobs

    The guy filming says, “That Nazi just drove into people……”

    How did he know a white guy, let alone a ‘nazi’ was driving the vehicle? In most car-pedestrian crashes, it is a result of a medical issue.

    So how does this guy know it was intentional and by a ‘nazi’??? What a joke.

    • Mudhole

      That all you got, Abe, name-calling? Not very honest after all.
      ‘The Guy’ as you refer to the driver, is almost certainly an employee of a Jew-dominated government, as is the photographer, Brennan Gilmore. The whole operation is just another in the seemingly endless series of psy-ops perpetrated on the American people.

  • Sara Reimold

    Why were a bunch of people in the road? I live in Charlottesville and I’m very familiar with the downtown mall. None of the pictures make sense and the stories don’t seem to match. I need to talk to my husband more about what he actually saw in regards to the helicopter. I will say that I was very concerned that this event would turn into an excuse for a false flag.
    I heard from an acquaintance who was with the alt right that the driver was unknown to the people who came from Ohio. Bye he did borrow their gear.

    • Yes did he see the copter itself go down or the smoke afterwards> big difference.

      • Sara Reimold

        Yeah I agree. In talking to him it seems to me that he saw what is claimed to be the second helicopter,because the ambulances were turning in as he drove past.

  • Mudhole

    As I stated in a previous post, Brennan Gilmore is an employee of the CIA. All you really need to know.

  • Steed

    The old TV shows Dukes of Hazzard featured a Dodge Charger called ‘The General Lee’, with a huge 01 on the side of it it. In Charlottesville, people had gathered to protest against the relocation of a statue of General Lee, waving Confederate flags. The car that drove into Antifa was a Dodge Charger with the numberplate 1111.

    • Sara Reimold


      • Overhead view of the crash scene- looks like a controlled scene for a private event?

        Why are 200 Antifa blocking traffic in the intersection?— AmericanFreedomParty (@American3rdP) August 14, 2017


        • Adrian Chetwynd


          Take a look at the Daily Stormer website ASAP. I was notified by that Godaddy will be removing its hosting services from
          DS because of a feature it did about the (fake) death of Heather Heyer. But on the website a notice from anonymous claims that it has taken control of the website and will close it (when Godaddy was going to do it anyway).

          If Anglin disappears off the scene, I wonder how much money
          they received to fight that court case they featured several months ago?

          Currently on the comments section of the Heather Heyer feature there are 678 comments and nearly all of them look very bad for our cause.

          The Charlotte event was a trap in many more ways than just 6!

          • Good riddance: Daily Stormer was controlled opposition and far, far too over the top. The problem is that next they will witch hunt others who aren’t on the Kosher housekeeping seal of approval.

          • Adrian Chetwynd

            The Charlotte event is a really big one with far reaching consequences
            and very few of the DS brainwashed victims will know where to go to now.
            They have been totally duped just like the followers of Tommy Robinson.

          • DS is seriously lacking in maturity, and is too juvenile. Somebody will likely create a mirror site. They will continue on, and instead they will witch hunt other sites (like TNN) that don’t meet the Kosher seal of approval.

          • Brabantian

            “Juvenile” yes “racist, repugnant” per Donald Trump today … but Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer has over 4 million visitors a month apparently … however much one might scorn him, he clearly has some brilliance & ability to connect with people

            Looking through his site to understand the phenomenon, one big initial draw is the humour, though of a type most find horrifyingly racist … Another aspect is Anglin’s ability to tap & channel the energy of ‘young men who realise the system is stacked against them’, who really have little to lose by following a ‘radical’ approach … Neo-Nazi Anglin has a rare ability to be brilliantly warm & poetic & bonding amidst all his rough stuff, for example when he wrote:

            « We are the throwaway generation … And the only thing we have in this world is each other … [All of us] Brothers »

            Another deep aspect of Anglin’s appeal to his audience is his theme of a not-politically-correct but in fact, partly deep-truth realistic, view of male-female relations … ‘wicked truths’ which liberate & empower his readers, that decades ago could only be found in hard-to-find small press books, or the sage advice of other men who shared what was not spoken in church but had some truth … and now still rather un-known to many males despite being in odd web corners

            Anglin points out that regardless of what women say, they really overall prefer to bed with uncucked bad boys, aside from the wealthy & powerful … Anglin tells young men how to act & be successful with women, which involves ignoring the ‘official’ dating ‘instruction rules’, & Anglin gives young men the confidence to do so, to ‘just ignore the feminist, cucking babble’ … Anglin also faces the reality of how in the dysfunctional USA society especially, the legal-social system has made longer-term relationships & marriages fraught with destructive problems … Racism aside, Anglin comes out in favour of family life, getting straight & in shape, rejecting drug & porn addictions

            Hidden beneath the ‘hate’, is something Anglin’s audience finds significantly positive, & which they don’t easily, or with the same humour & sharpness, find elsewhere

          • Adrian Chetwynd

            Russ, as I said, gave up reading his part truth crap years ago and witnessed many a true white Nationalist “hand in their cards”. And since it created its BBS comments section which warns commenter’s that their details are being recorded, then I doubt that many people dared to even look at the comments let alone make any comments. Ok there will have been quite a few “Tommy Robinson” type suckers that fell for it, but I am now convinced that the vast majority of the comments were created by jews to make us look like stupid racist idiots.

          • Adrian Chetwynd


            It would appear that DS isn’t going to disappear any time soon. But in the
            meantime, the ((MSM))) is having a “Field day” by making White Nationalists
            look as bad as could be possible. The famous quotation of: “There’s no such
            thing as bad publicity”, certainly doesn’t apply in this situation, because if
            it did, then why would all of the (((MSM))) be providing DS with so much
            publicity? Please Google ; “Daily Stormer” to see what I mean.

            Having ventured into the DS bbs comments section (fema camp vegetable
            harvesting section) quite a few times over the past 12 hours, I have been
            forced to conclude that the vast majority of the comments are being made by
            jews that are pretending to be “white supremacists. And just one of the big give a
            ways to my conclusion is because of the presence of such a vast amount of very
            slick photo shopped images.

          • Adrian Chetwynd

            Russ, I have mentioned that bbs is a data mining outfit ,
            but are you aware that “discuss” is just as guilty of data mining?

            I recommend that you source an alternative comments software progam in advance of (((discuss))) removing their
            service to your website…

            …Its shit anyway, because copying and pasting is a “ball ache” just like it
            is with Jewgletubes commenting facilities.

            (This comment has been copied and pasted which is why it
            will look so weird once it has been posted)

          • Adrian Chetwynd

            Is it me or them? Because I appear to have a habbit of replying to the wrong person!

          • Brabantian

            Re that court case, Andrew Anglin raised over $150,000 for his Daily Stormer legal expenses in just a few weeks, a testimony to the power of his draw amongst his audience

            A few have suggested Anglin’s Daily Stormer is itself cabal-backed, a clever ‘neo-Nazi Alex Jones’ to shepherd & discredit the alt-Right, an accusation placed against just about every ‘popular’ so-called ‘dissident’ site of either Right or Left

            Sites getting censored by web host providers etc is not going to keep down the under-40, computer-savvy generation, used to surfing internet back-doors & leveraging platforms such as 4Chan, & already well-versed in censorship techniques & wars & how to get around them … As was noted some decades ago, it is the nature of the internet to always ‘flow’, & censorship is only ever temporary … new routes are always found for things people want to share

            Us older folks on the web, boomers or even GenX with a ‘truth’ sense, have some contributions to make – particularly in serving some notice of lessons from the past which can apply in the present – but, with our dated skill sets, we are no longer prime movers in the battleground that is now a war primarily by and for a younger generation … who are waking up quickly to the fact the status quo has little to offer them

            A lot of young people are of course getting channelled the ‘wrong’ way by oligarch-supported memes … but thus it always was, & thus it perhaps always will be … the battle always re-playing itself with slightly new names or angles … ‘there is nothing new under the sun’

          • Adrian Chetwynd

            I rejected DS many years ago simply because it promoted every single staged event as though it was real. And anyone who questioned the events (including me for questioning 9/11) was very soon banned from commenting.
            As for the $150,000 dollars, no one will ever know just how much (((they))) pulled in. But saying that, the site gave me the impression that it had a high number of staff behind the scenes so $150,000 wouldn’t go that far anyway.

          • He was part of the cville psyops, with the hideous white sharia chants and awful optics.

      • Sara Reimold

        The overhead images are VERY sketchy. There is just no reason for those people to all be in that location.

    • Sara Reimold

      My husband immediately corrected me that the car in cville was a Challenger…not charger.

      • Steed

        Yes, someone else corrected me recently and I was about to correct myself here. I still think it may be too close for coincidence.

  • truth hertz

    With all these false flags happening here and in Europe I have become aware of the importance of “numerology” in all these events. That being said I could not help but notice the numbers on the plate of the charger were 1111. Also, air bag did not deploy. The old saying “believe none of what you hear and half of what you see” seems to be relevant here.

  • Johnny Draco

    You need to stop riding the khazar-kike created ferris wheel. You need to GET OFF NOW. It’s all an illusion. You will NOT make any progress toward your liberation as long as you continue to ride the jew ferris wheel. Since 1945 and NOT ONE victory over your enemy the jew. Over a trillion words spoken, ten of thousand of books, million of regurgitated blah, blahs and not one jew bloody nose. WHY???? And…………………….
    Every year your enemy binds you tighter and tighter. You are running out of time white man.

  • Douteux55

    I can’t imagine why the original protesters thought they would be able to stage their walk in peace. It was the perfect opportunity for all kinds of crypto organizations to take control of the show and redirect the energy. The police are really mercenaries these days. With civil forfeiture in play they really have to hunt their salaries and benefits on the road and everywhere they can. They take overtime for anything. They’ve all been trained in Israel, or by someone who has been, and they’ve got that bunker, terrorist mentality. They have been assured that they will never suffer and they believe it. What can you do? They’re all Freemasons now too, I understand. They’re encouraged to join as a community club and they don’t go very far up the hierarchy but it definitely reinforces that tight, team attitude and they swear to protect other Freemasons who are often corrupt and pedophiles. The most unbalanced ones, those who will/can kill without remorse, might get a promotion now and then along with the coverup artists. I don’t understand why we support them. It’s far worse in these small, rural communities where they terrorize local populations but we get our fair share even in “nice” neighborhoods.

    • Черный и желтый флаг

      My local sheriff graduated from the US Army War College. God Help Us

      • Douteux55

        For sure, and that’s going to be a trend. This is where many of the lower level ex military will go. It’s scary as hell. 2nd Amendment is the only thing that we have left.

  • Mudhole

    A couple more things- the light -colored four door car that is pushed by the Dodge Challenger-
    padding has been added to the exterior roof of the car, presumably so no stunt men would get injured during this stupid hoax.
    Also, it turns out that Jason Kessler, the nice Jewish boy who played the part of the evil ‘Neo Nazi’ organizer of this event is a long-time left-wing activist, and was at least at one time an editor at CNN.

  • Sara Reimold

    I was given details from someone on the counter protesters side. The counter protesters were lured with false Intel to the location of the car ramming. My guess is that most of them were witless accomplices…they thought they were there to protect the nearby subsidized housing from the “white supremacists”. However the cars were set up before they got there and the crowd also contained actors who were in on it and played the roles of being hit. I do think there were some locals injured in the staged event, but I’m still not believing the death. The statement from the parents is ridiculous.

    • Черный и желтый флаг

      Exactly. The mom’s reaction to their daughter dying is so unrealistic. I’ve been to a lot funerals for family members and that actors expressions were bald faced lies!

  • This new overhead shot shows the first car being pushed into interaction presumably after being hit. Of course you can’t see the Dodge Challenger. That image has once more been blocked from view.

  • Charlottesville may well have been our domestic 911. The MSM have signaled they fully intend to vilify anyone seen talking to a would be nazi with no discussion allowed beyond screaming racist hater. The elite even admit it, see?

    • russ hook

      The ELITE???? Since fucking when are sick pedophiles ‘elite’? Got Stockholm’s Syndrome?

      • What word I use to describe those who tyrannize is an issue we can use to terminate interacting or can be seen as the unimportance it is. Not sure why you need to feel like you have to dispute me but….

  • Let me give you a heads up about this girl. She’s 20 years old and someone to watch and support, IMO