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Will Saturday’s Planned Free Speech Protest Against Google Goolag Be Another Agitprop Ambush?

Once again, rallies are being planned for this Saturday around issues of free speech and censorship. And once again, almost all regular readers of The New Nationalist would fully support and appreciate the concept of a “March on Google.” But, like Charlottesville, this too has strong hints of a setup and potential for ambush. Faux news CNN is already baiting the event, reporting that “major cities across the country are bracing for a wave of far-right rallies in the coming days.” The protest is being positioned by Crime Syndicate brainwashers as an “Alt-Right” event.

The “March on Google” will take place in nine U.S. cities Saturday: Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Los Angeles, Mountain View (Google headquarters in Calif.), New York, Pittsburgh, Seattle and Washington, D.C.

The No. 1 question that I have is why are these just-cause protests being carried out by controlled opposition? Is discourse in the U.S. so locked down that real just-cause protests cannot manifest organically?

Of course, we’re getting the familiar smear labeling by some of the cities involved. The mayor of Boston said his city won’t tolerate “racism, bigotry and violence.” San Francisco is preparing for two rallies: August 26 and 27. Mayor Edwin Lee said the city can’t condone a rally that incites hate. Yes, they are running with the wash-rinse-repeat, cut-and-paste, false dialectic. No doubt Anti-Fa will make an appearance here as well.

In looking over the organizers of the Boston Free Speech event, we see some likely Alt-Right Judas Goat controlled opposition is in play once again. One of them is actually an Alt-Light, pro-Israel, Trumptard, cuckservative: Vice Co-Founder Gavin McInnes. The others are well-known actors from Trumptard worldwide wrestling theater. Here’s Kyle “Stickman” Chapman posing on stage.

So we are witnessing the same scripts and hostilities involving official actors. It feels like bird dogging and agitprop setups similar to Charlottesville, although possibly on a smaller scale. If these were real protests, it would happen organically. It would also include progressives who are free speech advocates and who see protest against the Google goolag as the just cause it is. But with this false-dialectic psyop in force, true old-school progressives will avoid it like the plague for fear of being labeled a “Nazi.”

Instead, we likely have Goolag itself running the controlled opposition dialectic at both ends of the spectrum. Perhaps another staged-deception hoax is in wait at one of these protest locations. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the next “vehicular homicide” has an alleged Anti-Fa behind the wheel. Caveat emptor!

The game being played is to label you as a “Nazi” far-right-winger for just-cause protesting against Goolag censorship or against historical replacement. And once you are fingered as a Nazi, it’s open season for physical attacks, doxing and being banned from social media platforms. This is where we need to put our activist hats on as individuals, and smaller communities such as here at TNN.

Again, my preferred strategy is to use the free publicity to promote an economic boycott of Goolag and other bad actors. Move your search engine elsewhere. Start mirroring valuable soon-to-be-censored videos at Vimeo. Favor Goolag alternatives whenever possible. Heck, I’m an old guy, so there may be many other modern tactics of which I’m not aware. But the point is to start talking and engaging about how to avoid controlled-opposition capture.

Boston Free Speech’s Facebook page does have an excellent actionable that anybody can carry out. If there are good just-cause elements within this org, this demonstrates all the more why they could be targeted this weekend.

Update on the Charlottesville hoax of interest: Photo 1 shows the black stuntman, “Mr. Red Shoes,” as airborne.

Next photo shows Mr. Red Shoes (minus one shoe) seconds later sitting on hood of black truck as Challenger reverses. Gravity or momentum didn’t put him there as he was well below hood height in photo No. 1. How asinine does this have to get?

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