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Jackals Close in for the Trump Topple

PHOTO: via ZeroHedge

The New Nationalist (TNN) has contended from the get go that Donald “Red Queen” Trump will be taken down as a role actor in a Trojan Horse operation. We also have stated numerous times that the “far right” would be set up for a major demonization attack.

The ultimate irony is that the final trigger for this was Trump’s fair and balanced statement about the troubles at Charlottesville. Incredibly after a year of non-stop red queening weirdness and setting up the country to be looted, suddenly the snakes in his own pit turned on Trump with righteous pontificating. Amazing. Once again you decide for yourselves where this one ranks among Trump’s bizarre streams of consciousness. Not very high is TNN’s verdict.

Among the parasite guildists to set the stage for the Trump end game was (((Jamie Dimon))) and the members of the President’s CEO Strategy and Policy Forum. They signaled their final outrage with Trump’s C-ville “racist” stance by disbanding. The parasite guild and lugenpresse are adopting all the Anti-Fa code words and smear script.

Talking head and empty suit (((Larry Summers))) came on CNBC with this little gem: “President Trump is endorsing white supremacists,  he is ‘uncomfortably close’ to white supremacists… our President is supporting racists.”

Oy vey —  Ivanka’s rabbi “deeply troubled” by Trump’s Charlottesville’s remarks.

Cohn at left- “Disgusting I tell you, just disgusting.”

Trump advisor, former vampire squid and Goldman Sachs minion (((Gary Cohn))) was on stage rolling his eyes like a crocodile and “looking appalled” as Trump bantered about who was next on the replacement of history list — slave owners George Washington and Thomas Jefferson? (((Sources))) further confirmed ol’ Gary was disgusted.

With the jackals closing in, Teflon Mike Pence called off his tour of Latin America to return to D.C. during this manufactured crisis and buildup to civil war.

Trump job approval falls to 35%. 

TNN has surmised the Red Queen will say or tweet something to blow up the markets. It could be that is being arranged behind the scenes with or without the Red Queen. Hardly noticed in the faux outrage yesterday were statements from the Federal Reserve:

  • Warnings of “elevated vulnerabilities” from high asset prices.
  • Balance sheet to begin reduction starting in September.
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