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A Look at Red Terror Street Theater in Boston


We wrote last week that the Boston Free Speech rally wouldn’t happen and would effectively be another ambush. Yes, a few core people showed up who apparently didn’t get the word that the cowardly fake organizers who we identified in the article failed to show. At this stage, housekeeping is under way to separate gutless wonders real warriors.

Nevertheless, an estimated 20,000 protesters did show up to counter the small contingent shown here. Yes, a visual cue not to stand up to Red Terror.

When the imaginary Nazis failed to materialize, Anti-Fa psychotics turned their attention toward the police, who felt compelled to tweet out a plea.

#BPD is asking individuals to refrain from throwing urine, bottles and other harmful projectiles at our officers.

— Boston Police Dept. (@bostonpolice) August 19, 2017

Incredibly, there are a few brave ubermensch in the land. They may not be bright, but cowards they are not. Here, a lone soul is surrounded and tormented by psychotics.

Next, the untermensch spot another scary little “Nazi” squirt carrying an American flag. The police felt compelled to take his flag and remove him from the scene. So much for free speech and freedom of assembly.

This situation looked at bit more serious as the black clad Red Terrorists found another lone “Nazi.” The video speaks for itself.

The next exchange is highly revealing. The bald head guy on the left has satanic tattoos on his arms and looks straight out of the Oakland Ghost ship school of untermenschen. However, he apparently still has a figment of sanity left and slipped up in his interaction with the other psychotics by refusing to denounce white people. Boom, knocked on his ass.

Hope springs eternal, an ubermensch sighting.

Alas, a representative untermensch antiwhite coalition.

It is not all serious though. At least the Jew can sometimes show a sense of humor.

The puppet president’s daughter and wife of (((Jared Kushner))), (((Ivanka Trump))) had her own special Marie Antoinette moment.

Food for thought. It will only get worse.

With the time for cucking and kowtowing coming to an end, the question begs: Are there potential real “neo-Nazis” in the land to counter this psychotic Red Terror at its own level? Is the day of roughing up little kids with a flag drawing to a close? I rather suspect so, as a defense league. But please don’t kill the messenger.

To the anti-whites Red Terrorist, did you see the one about #TheLion?

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