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Mayweather vs McGregor: Fake ‘Fight’ for a Fake World

IMAGE: Brainfeed.TV

In yet another test of sheeple stupidity, the Crime Syndicate rolled out an obviously staged boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. The “fight” consisted of no real punches, just soft taps, fake drama between rounds, no counter punching and fake roughness. McGregor failed even elementary head-covering boxing methods and then still didn’t get hit. Rehearsed and choreographed. The fight was stopped in Round 10 for no particularly good reason other than to control the payout. It all made a mockery of boxing as a sport.

This should be a wake up call to “sports” fans that the fraudsters have rigged the games, probably just because they can and to laugh at you but also for brazenly scamming tens of millions in gambling loot.

Since there are mindless sport fans everywhere, this is a perfect opportunity to red pill sheeple to the monsters and evil that run and script society.

Since these fans have to be entertained all the time and have no time for serious matters, this fight can be used much easier as an eye-opener than say an analysis of the Charlottesville car attack deception. It forces the same visual analytical techniques used in other hoaxes and deceptions; but in this case, attention-deficit fans might give it more than a 20-second look.

The following video shows McGregor back in July all but admitting what a farce this is. This is foreshadowing, the necessary requirement of Luciferians to give clues to their marks. Watch minute 1:10 to 1:40.

The next video shows the highlights of the fight. The method used for staging is that both of these fighters have very quick hands, and that gives the facade of action, but it is all choreographed wasted motion. Notice that when one fighter is vulnerable, the other lands a quick tap or a head push. Even I can hit harder than that.

Look especially at minute 1:27, when Mayweather has a slam-dunk knockout shot, and taps McGregor harmlessly on the shoulder. And again at 2:32, McGregor is exposed and the normally lethal Mayweather hits him like a naughty five year old. Compare at 6:03, when Mayweather appears to score with a real punch. But then check video below to gauge a real Mayweather strike.

Here is Conor McGregor in a real fight. His punches are quick and powerful with deadly accuracy. He gets full arm extension through the punch.

Here is Floyd Mayweather in real matches. His punches are like lightning. He rarely punches air. In fact, he has one of the highest hit-punch ratios of any boxer in history. Again, watch the extension through the real punch as the blow lands. You can just see the impact on the other fighters.

Phoney end of fight.

The New Nationalist (TNN) does not gamble on fraudulent, rigged sports, and it doesn’t spend emotion or money on sports where the outcomes are rigged by criminals. Mostly likely this includes baseball, motor racing, basketball and football. Boycott and spread the word!

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