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Was Harvey a Geoengineered Freak Hurricane Targeted at Texas ?

The question of geoengineered superstorms is of course controversial and skirts the limits even for those of us who accept the concept of conspiracies with malice. The New Nationalist (TNN) without a doubt holds that the malice is there, but is the technology there to alter or influence a hurricane?

The glaring anomaly of Hurricane Harvey was the freakish and unprecedented hairpin turn it took as it moved inland. In one for the ages, the storm abruptly turned and went back out to sea. It reloaded, then skirted up the Gulf Coast and headed toward Houston. Along the way, as if by design, Harvey dumped epic amounts rain over large parts of eastern Texas. A 1,000-year flood resulted in parts of the region.

Then the storm just sat there over Houston for what seemed like an eternity dumping a record amount of rain. A large part of the industrial foundation of the state was taken off line or damaged. In addition a still undetermined human catastrophe was unleashed.

Earlier forecast

A second anomoly was that Harvey (like most hurricanes following this track) dissipated as it crossed over the Yucatan. But then, as if from some freakish cause, it was fed massive amounts of moisture as it came back over the gulf on its way to East Texas. As the storm moved over the Yucatan, forecasters were also looking for a weakened path toward the Texas-Mexico border. Instead, it sliced up the coastline with maximum effect.

The following video flushes out the microwave transmission sources from Brownsville, San Antonio, Lake Charles and Shreveport (7:20) utilized to influence Harvey’s bizarre track.

The timing and impact of HARVEYGEDDON — and now a second nail biter, a developing hurricane named Irma (a possible category 4 or 5) — is very much a component of TNN’s standing theory of a 60-day crisis and “Purple Revolution” topple of the U.S.

There is no quicker way of taking down the crumbling, fracturing USA than to go for the heart of the nation’s industrial base. A second monster storm at this stage and the resulting additional strain couldn’t be worse for timing. If there is a government shutdown this month under the guise of partisan bickering on top of it, you will know this is all a grand topple conspiracy. 

The Fallout

Regardless of whether you believe there is a hidden hand behind freak hurricane Harvey, there are consequences to note.

  • A full court press will now be mounted to get recalcitrant Austin to bend to the will of the globalists who want to implement Agenda 21 everywhere on the planet. The same perps also want to carry out their 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development worldwide, which is lagging way behind schedule because of steadfast states like Texas that obstruct it.
  • Texas has been at the forefront of the anti-illegal immigration movement. Gov. Greg Abbott has been clear about Texas’ policy against illegal aliens improperly entering the country. Texas legislature passed some of the strongest laws in the nation to limit the massive influx of unlawful immigrants from Mexico.
  • The Mexico border will now become even more porous than it already is. The southern quadrant border is already known to be the most vulnerable to criminal activity. Given the tremendous impacts of this storm, drug running will be easier than ever.
  • The Purple Revolution is in need of mercenary conscripts. Many of the Anti-Fa terrorists are actually illegal aliens for hire. That’s why they always wear black face masks whenever they show up on the streets. Harvey only makes this black operation much easier to manage because of the post-hurricane pandemonium.
  • Texas has led the country against the LGBTQ and Perv Justice Warrior (PJW) agenda. PJW elements in state government are aggressively promoting this nefarious agenda, including the normalization of pedophilia.

Devastating weather events like Harvey and the necessary relief funding required can always be used by the Crime Syndicate to coerce the state government into compliance with the latest LGBT push. These criminals and creeps are now openly mocking the fate of “Nazi” Texas.

The cover of French magazine Charlie Hebdo reads: “God exists! He drowned all the neo-Nazis of Texas”
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