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9 New Cities Are Being Built in Sweden to Accommodate All Immigrants

PHOTO: Fria Tider/Pixabay

2 September 2017

FRIA TIDER — To accommodate all new residents in Sweden, the government wants to build nine new cities in the country. In total, it is about 100,000 homes, the government announces on its website. In addition, you want to mix the areas and keep the rents down, to create better “integration.”

Between January 2016-2017, Sweden’s population increased by almost 1.5 percent. After Luxembourg, it is the largest increase across the EU, statistics from Eurostat show. This means that Sweden’s population grew with more than 144,000 inhabitants in one year.

The reason for population growth is the major immigration.

Therefore, housing shortage in Sweden has become an ever bigger problem and so-called vulnerable groups are said to be particularly difficult to find housing. […]

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