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‘Big Mouth’: Who’s Doing This? Every. Single. Time.

Netflix is rolling out a new depraved series called “Big Mouth” that focuses largely on juvenile masturbatory and nocturnal-emissions themes. I’m hardly a prude, but this for a children’s audience? Really? We aren’t going to spend much time dispensing with this offense to humanity, but here is a sampling.

Where are the parents on all this? This should be actionable enough to add to our growing boycott list. Cancel Netflix, #boycottnetflix.

We haven’t heard a peep from the so-called Alt-Right on boycotting this and other offenses and travesties. Where are the churches? Where are the political leaders? Where’s the outrage? Who’s doing this?


‘Europa: The Last Battle’ Documentary

There is a new documentary out called “Europa: The Last Battle” that in its totality is the greatest red-pill experience on the Internet. It’s a 10-hour marathon of a documentary that will rock the world of anybody still sitting on the fence in their world view. The video above is the trailer.

It was engrossing and absorbing enough that I got through it in two sittings. It’s very well produced, documented and cited, and thoroughly breaks down the false, suppressed, hidden history of the last century in particular. The New Nationalist (TNN) found a dozen new story ideas here.

“Europa: The Last Battle” can still be found on YouTube, but that probably won’t last long. A new site called BitChute is increasingly becoming an uncensored repository and platform for some of the banned and censored material from other social media. Unfortunately, the content via BitChute is not embedable, so here’s is that link to this film on that site.

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