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A Who’s-Who List of Anti-White Jewish ‘Pseudo-Intellectual’ Quackery

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If I didn’t know any better, I’d think this was an organized conspiracy. Unlike “privileged whites,” Jewish pseudo-intellectuals are constantly handed the megaphone. The following is just a representative list. There are many more. In fact, I defy any reader to provide as examples two Judaics, who have a platform or are in academia, who oppose the dissemination of this nasty screed. #(((EverySingleTime))) #Getarealjob.

Hat tip to “Fellow White Person” @FellowWhites for creating this list in a satire format that will hopefully remain below the radar of Twitter’s algos and censors.

TNN Advisory: Absolutely do not harass or even communicate with these individuals. It’s exactly what they want, and it will backfire. Don’t be juvenile like Daily Stormer. Ignore them, and instead use your energies to spread awareness far and wide among the sleeping sheeple.

A Satirical Twitterstorm on Jewish Advocates for Migration, Multiculturalism and White Guilt

“Fellow white people” is a widespread read-off-a-script scam that Jewish anti-white activists are running with all over on social media. They use this to promote their guilt shaming agenda and high-horse preaching. It’s easy to identify an Echoberg on Twitter, as their neurotic supremacist tendencies brings out pontificating that usually reveals their ethnicity.

Chosenite supremacist sing along “I’m Not White, I’m Jewish.”

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