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‘Missing’ Vegas Security Guard Shows Up for ‘Ellen’ Show Interview, Digs Himself Into a Deep Hole

PHOTO: via Twitter

“No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar.”– Abraham Lincoln

Jesus Campos and what looks like his handler walked on to the set of the Ellen DeGeneras show Wednesday looking no worse for the wear two weeks after taking an AR round in the leg. It also looks like Campos has been hitting the buffet bars hard since his photos one week ago at an Oct. 10 “award ceremony.”  On Oct. 10 he knots his tie right over left. On the 17th he knots left over right. How is this even remotely credible?

At left Oct. 10; at right Oct. 17.

Notice the handler rubbing his back several times throughout the interview. Here is Campos’ facial appearance in the Oct. 17 interview compared to the Oct. 10 “awards ceremony.” One is oval-faced, the other square.

Campos in the video of the interview below describes the stairwell doors as being barricaded by “metal brackets holding the doors in place.” DeGeneras was scripted enough to point out and clarify to the whole world that the inner stairwell door was barricaded. That’s what she is pointing to. 

Unfortunately for the storytellers, the inner door opens into the stairwell not away from it. Campos also says explicitly that he saw the barricade metal brackets from his viewpoint in the hallway. Nao combinam.

Campos is lying about seeing a barricade on the door, facing the hallway. That isn’t possible given the SWAT testimony. Campos explicitly says he’s seeing the barricade from the 32nd floor. NOT POSSIBLE. Skip to 3:57 in the video to hear the officer state the barricade was “in the stairwell”. Incidentially SWAT members are equipped with cams. Where’s the footage?

In fact, both doors opens toward the staircase, so the barricade wouldn’t work. Here are two girls in Mandalay Bay filming this. You only need to watch 0:08 to 0:15 to see both of the doors swing inward. If you need more confirmation, at 8:54 the girls return through the doors toward the hallway, and you can clearly see the door-closing mechanism and the doors.

An epic fail in the annals of staged deceptions.

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