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FBI Releases Heavily Redacted Files on Sandy Hook Shooter Adam ‘No Motive’ Lanza

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Without notice or fanfare, the FBI at 10 a.m. EST Tuesday, Oct. 24, posted links to over 1,500 pages of mostly redacted documents from its investigation and subsequent findings on Adam Lanza, the alleged shooter in the Sandy Hook case. The New Nationalist has examined the documents and found they are completely lacking in the names of eyewitnesses.

In the aftermath of Sandy Hook, the FBI conducted interviews with a number of unidentified neighbors said to live near “Nancy Lanza” in Newtown. The majority said they didn’t know her, nor did they know a boy Adam’s age was living in the house. One neighbor said she hadn’t seen a child in the house for four years prior to the school event. Another said there was a kid wearing all black traversing Yogananda Street “four or five years ago.” Yet another said she never saw people in the house but noted “many empty bottles of water” at curbside recycling.

Despite the fact that neighbors never saw No Motive Lanza, another unnamed individual provided considerable detail about Adam’s hobbies and activities. The redacted person contradicts the shut in narrative and reveals that the elusive Adam regularly loved to walk around town and especially to his “beloved” Sandy Hook Elementary.

Another unnamed person said the elusive Adam was into computers and had a computer repair job briefly, yet had no friends or associates. This person was able to provide detailed information about the guns the Lanzas owned and even detail on Adam’s favorite video games. He said Adam was never violent or did he used alcohol and drugs. TNN finds it odd on its face that the FBI is interviewing unnamed people with intimate knowledge of a kid who has no friends or associates- nao combinam.

About a half dozen different unidentified neighbors said they received threatening phone calls on Dec. 16, two days after the Sandy Hook event. The caller identified himself as Adam Lanza and made death threats. Another person with a redacted name claimed to encounter someone who was exhibiting copycat behaviors after the Sandy Hook event.

Another unidentified neighbor said she was ordered “by police” to evacuate her residence at 10 a.m. and not to return until early evening.

In the aftermath of the event, subpoenas were issued to dozens of unidentified individuals to appear before a Federal Grand Jury. No details of such testimony were provided in the FBI file release or anywhere else.

This preposterous “chronology” was included:

The “gunman was discovered at the scene” by the Sherlocks at 1:05 p.m., over three hours after police arrived at the crime scene. Those familar with the Sandy Hook narrative know that those 27 alleged dead were left laying in the school until removal in the middle of the night, 18 hours later. No medivac was ever brought in.

Connecticut State Police says they received a call from an unidentified woman whose son was playing the video game “Call to Duty” with another unidentified kid who ominously said, “Watch the news tomorrow.”

Another no-name witness provide the following incredulous account about how Adam hacked into a government computer, which prompted a visit from the FBI or CIA (Nancy Lanza didn’t know which). The agents were so impressed with “No Motive” Lanza that they suggested he could work for the agency someday.

Last but not least, we learn that the elusive “No Motive” Lanza weighed a mere 85 pounds. According to police, the Rambo pip-squeak was suited with a bullet proof vest and booted with a Bushmaster XM15 .223 caliber rifle, a Glock 10 mm handgun and was also in possession of a loaded 9 mm Sig Sauer P226 handgun. After he’d already fired 154 rounds, Lanza also had more ammunition for the weapons he had on his person, as well as three 30-round magazines for the Bushmaster.

For more on Sandy Hook, see analysis of Connecticut State Police crime scene photos of the school.

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