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Newly Released JFK Files Place Jack Ruby Near the Texas Book Depository Building

Jack Ruby reveling in the attention. PHOTO: Rennlist

The most revealing information among the newly released JFK files provides further confirmation of the role of Jack Ruby (aka Jacob Rubenstein) (1911- 1967) in the broader JFK assassination conspiracy.

The exchange between Ruby and informant Bob Vanderslice of Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963, wasn’t told to FBI handlers until 1977 — and the records don’t explain why 14 years lapsed.

“The informant (Bob Vanderslice) stated that on the morning of the assassination, Ruby contacted him and asked if he would ‘like to watch the fireworks,’” reads an FBI record dated April 6, 1977. He was with Jack Ruby and standing at the corner of the Postal Annex Building facing the Texas School Book Depository Building at the time of the shooting. Immediately after the shooting, Ruby left and headed toward the area of the Dallas Morning News Building.

Not covered by the Lugenpresse is that the document reveals that the FBI claims to have attempted to follow up with Vanderslice, who was “suffering from lip cancer,” but apparently the informant “got cold feet” and avoided further interviews, whereby the FBI dropped the ball.

This photo taken in the moments after the murder of JFK shows a man resembling Jack Ruby in the area of the Book Depository Building.

Johnny-on-the-Spot Ruby was also seen by and spoke to reporter Seth Kantor at Dallas Parkland Hospital an hour later. This testimony was manipulated by the Warren Commission and was described as “confusion of the day.” I don’t think memory works that way. What I find interesting about that day is that I can remember it in vivid detail 54 years later.

Additionally, it is well established that Ruby was lurking around the Dallas Police Headquarters when Lee Harvey Oswald was rolled out to face the press late on the evening of Nov. 22.

Even more incredible, Jack Ruby is shown at minute 6:12 in the following clip of Oswald’s “I am just a patsy” Dallas police press room appearance at midnight on Nov. 22.

In addition to the Carousal Club, Ruby operated some prostitution activities and other vices. Dallas disc jockey Kenneth Dowe testified that Ruby was known around the station for “procuring women for different people who came to town.” Ruby developed close ties to many Dallas Police officers who frequented his nightclubs, where he provided them with free liquor, prostitutes and other vices. The theory that these police dropped their guard on security was in part true, and that made Ruby the perfect operative mole.

As far as motive, Ruby was likely a patsy upon a patsy. The System, or Deep State Crime Syndicate, had the goods on him well beyond his standard businesses of vice. Additionally,  Ruby sought notoriety and attention.

In the end, after being diagnosed with fast-growing cancer, Ruby came clean in an exchange with Deputy Sheriff Al Maddox. Ruby told Maddox , “‘Well, they injected me for a cold.’ He said it was cancer cells. That’s what he told me, Ruby did. I said, ‘You don’t believe that bull***t.’ He said, ‘I damn sure do!’ Ruby shook hands with me, and I could feel a piece of paper in his palm … he said it was a conspiracy and he said … if you will keep your eyes open and your mouth shut, you’re gonna learn a lot.”

The key portion of what the sheriff had to say is in the video below. It looks like part of a larger interview, which seems to have been scrubbed or is not online.

The Oswald-Ruby Connection

Ron Lewis knew Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans. Here, Lewis is interviewed by James Earl Jones and says that Oswald and Ruby were involved in a gunrunning operation connected with 544 Camp St. and the training base at Lake Ponchartrain. Lewis claims that Oswald and Ruby “knew each other very well.”

In the next video, Dan Rather interviews Bill DeMar, who claims Oswald was in Jack Ruby’s Carousel Club.

Beverly Oliver was a dancer at the Colony Club, next door to Jack Ruby’s Carousel Club. At lunch time, the girls from the Colony Club would go to the Carousel Club to see the show. One day, Beverly sat at a table with Ruby’s dancer “Jada,” Ruby and a man Ruby introduced to Beverly as “Lee.” After Ruby shot Oswald in the basement of police headquarters, Beverly recognized Oswald as the man introduced to her by Jack Ruby.

Did Oswald recognize Ruby at the moment of his death? Ruby had a ludicrous story that he acted impulsively and was triggered by Oswald’s smirk. At no point during Ruby’s lurking around Oswald can one see anything remotely resembling a smirk on Oswald’s face. He looks like a deer in the headlights.

In my examination and personal theory of the JFK assassination, I mentioned that head-shot gunman James Files said that Jack Ruby met them (Files and Charles Nicoletti) at a pancake house in Ft. Worth and handed off badges and the final route map.

TNN takeaway: Jack Ruby’s fingerprints were all over this plot as a key operative and mole.

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