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White Inventor of ‘White Fragility’ Tells University of Texas: Whites Must Stop Becoming Teachers

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Don’t clap for whites

By Christian Montoya | 16 November 2017

THE COLLEGE FIX (AUSTIN COMMUNITY COLLEGE)  — The white professor who quit her full-time position to tour the country, leading seminars on “white fragility,” asked for whites in the room to come forward.

About 15 people walked to the stage and each one read a quote from the projection screen that addressed their “internalized superiority,” “racial privilege” and other deficiencies as whites.

When they finished reading, the professor told the audience to “not clap” for the white people as they returned to their seats. She announced there would be no question-and-answer session.

Then Robin DiAngelo, a part-time lecturer at the University of Washington who coined the term “white fragility” and wrote a forthcoming book on it, summarily dismissed the three-hour exercise in getting whites to feel bad about themselves. […]

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