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Incompetent Trumpenstein Declares Israel the Overlords of Jerusalem

Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall. — Proverbs 16:18

With one dictate through his pie hole, Trumpenstein demonstrated his willingness to burn any remaining good will among Muslim nations in order to placate his Zio-con masters. No “Art of the Deal” or 17-dimensional chess here as the Donald “The Red Queen” Trump” announced that the U.S. will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and relocate the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv.

In 1980, Israel passed the “Jerusalem Law” that dictates, “Jerusalem, complete and united, is the capital of Israel,” thereby formalizing its annexation of East Jerusalem. In response, the UN Security Council passed Resolution 478 in 1980, declaring the law “null and void.”

Today, some 420,000 Palestinians in East Jerusalem have “permanent residency” ID cards. They also carry temporary Jordanian passports without a national identification number. This means that they are not full Jordanian citizens — they need a work permit to work in Jordan and do not have access to governmental services and benefits, such as reduced education fees. Palestinian Jerusalemites are essentially stateless, stuck in legal limbo — they are not citizens of Israel, nor are they citizens of Jordan or Palestine.

In the meantime, every Jew around the world enjoys the right to live in Israel and to obtain Israeli citizenship under Israel’s Law of Return. About 200,000 Jews live in settlements in East Jerusalem under army and police protection, with the largest single settlement complex housing 44,000 Israelis.

Trump’s decision to unilaterally recognize Jerusalem upends decades of American policy in the Middle East. No countries have an embassy in Jerusalem. The announcement ignores international sentiment and views, thus the U.S. is further isolated. The one country that is about to change this, the U.S., is the so-called “mediator” between Israel and Palestine. Palestinian official Hanan Ashrawi said, “There is no way that there can be talks with the Americans. The peace process is finished. They have already preempted the outcome.” The damage Orange Jewlius has done will take years to fix.

A demonstration is planned for Thursday afternoon at al-Manara Square in Ramallah. The optics here will be worth watching. Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has also blasted Washington’s decision to relocate the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem as a display of incompetence.

We warned as much in our article on utilizing Likudnik agent Jared Kushner as “middleman” in Israel issues. The good news is that Turkey announced it would host a meeting of Islamic nations next week to give Muslim countries’ leaders an opportunity to coordinate a response. So perhaps this completely removes the backing for a U.S. presence or influence in that region of the world. There will need to be a strong position at this meeting, or the Islamic public may turn on their leadership.

As far a American and European public reactions, probably a little brainwashing will be ramped up. Might as well move America’s capital to Israel, too, and get it over with. Meanwhile, Israel has conducted three air attacks on Syria.

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