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Dr. Jordan Peterson Speaks Truth to Power, Obliterates SJW Ideology

Traditionally, journalists are the ones who are supposed to speak truth to power. But, in the present-day war on culture, power resides with those that brainwash our society, especially its impressionable youth. For youth, cultural normative values are derived largely from media and institutes of education. These agencies have indoctrinated an entire generation worldwide in a post-modern neo-Marxist ideology. Voices of those who do not subscribe to this ideology are drowned out, marginalized, demonized and relegated to virtual gulags.

But once in a while and at least for now, the system lets slip through the cracks — or perhaps allows to exist — a voice of reason, someone who challenges neo-Marxist group think (aka “political correctness”). Such is the case with University of Toronto professor and clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson. For many years, he has been working to help a generation of people steeped in institutionalized egalitarianism and identity politics overcome the programming to which they’ve been subjected. That’s no small task, and the folks at The New Nationalist (TNN) applaud his efforts.

Over the years, I’ve watched Peterson’s lectures and must say that, for me anyway, there’s nothing particularly enlightening in them. It’s like preaching to the choir and he is quality old school. He simply and succinctly explains the way the world works. (Isn’t that what teachers are supposed to do?) For Millennials, however, his words seem to run the gamut from heresy to revolutionary.

Where Peterson really shines is in debate. He’s highly intelligent and masterful at defeating the shallow and hypocritical rhetoric of SJWs. He recognizes neurolinguistic programming (NLP) tactics, diffuses gas lighters and does not suffer fools.

Last week, political correspondent Cathy Newman of Channel 4 News in the U.K. interviewed Peterson. Why? Because this news channel’s corporate mission is to place a “spotlight on injustice,” and Peterson has garnered a sizable Youtube following with his videos that challenge the precepts of Social Justice Warriors (SJWs).

To be fair, Channel 4 posted the interview on Youtube largely unedited. Peterson tweeted his appreciation of that. Thus far, the interview has had 2.4 million views, and the ratio of likes to dislikes is almost 100 to 1 with an overwhelmingly positive response among its 48,000 comments. TNN has come to the conclusion that this interview was a pivotal moment in the social justice “wars.” We have never seen a more graphic example of the SJW movement exposed in quite this manner.

Did Newman even bother to watch any of Mr. Peterson’s lectures to prepare for the interview? She came to the ring armed only with “righteous indignation” and appeals to emotion. Newman’s NLP tactics against Peterson and how he deals with it provides a textbook study. That’s the main takeaway for TNN readers. Newman repeatedly tries to pigeonhole him with her overused phrase “so what you’re saying is,” and he repeatedly turns it back on her — so much so that this particular NLP phrase ought to be redefined as “pulling a Cathy Newman.”

After Peterson challenged and defeated all of Newman’s assumptions, Channel 4 chose to play the last cheap trick in the SJW deck: the victim stance. The news channel claimed “mean things” were being said about Newman online. It then doubled down with a claim that it had to hire security specialists to protect her.

The Daily Mirror and The Telegraph jumped on board as well, running hyperbolic headlines like this:

This cheap trick should kick off the Streisand Effect, meaning that even more viewers will watch the interview to see what the fuss is all about. TNN biggest concern is that Peterson will be framed in some manner by this cabal.

Of course, playing the victim card sparked a well-deserved firestorm of demands for proof of such threats. So far, no evidence has been forthcoming. TNN skimmed about 500 You Tube comments as a sampling. We noticed some name calling, as well as many women in support of Peterson, but we found nothing that would even remotely qualify as a threat — unless criticism and satire is being conflated to the level of a threat.

Other webizens like Hequal did a thorough check of Twitter, added up all the tweets, retweets and likes, and provide the following tally. Keep in mind that some of the “violence” against Peterson was expressed by neck-beard cuck supporters of Newman.

Non-sexist violence aimed at Newman or her supporters: 2 (one was made by a woman)

Sexist violence aimed at Newman or her supporters: 0

Non-sexist violence aimed at Peterson or his supporters: 8

Sexist violence aimed at Peterson or his supporters: 55

But, as we always say, look and decide for yourselves. Don’t just take our or Channel 4’s word for it.

There was standard derision and mockery, mostly of the “you’re out of your league” variety. There was a small amount of nastiness (such as use of the word “bitch”), but this is Youtube for heaven’s sake, not an intellectual forum. (Get with the current year, Channel 4!) In general, we would rank the comments as partisan but within the prevailing social media culture. This was about the nastiest one we found, and even it made a sound point using satire.

If nothing else, Peterson will probably be able to thank Channel 4 for a big boost in sales of his new book “12 Rules for Life,” which is set to be released on Jan. 23. His online series on personal growth strategies is well worth watching.

For more on the use of NLP implants and anchoring, the following video is excellent.

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