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Stand With Us, an Israeli Advocacy Group, Creates Streisand Effect for ‘Antisemite’ Abby Martin’s Video

Israeli propaganda arms like Stand With Us wield a massive apparatus to depict Israel as peace-seeking eternal victims. Case in point was a counter to journalist Abby Martin’s interview on the Joe Rogan show. Stand With Us (SWU) posted a video that went through Martin’s remarks and presented some legitimate counterpoints. Unfortunately and admittedly, Martin used some hyperbole. As messaging, one must be careful of that, because it can be debunked. But after picking off the low-hanging fruit, SWU goes on to kvetch about the blow back that comes from oppressing and displacing Palestinians for 70 years. Fraco!

At The New Nationalist (TNN), we believe in fair play and recognize that there are two sides to every conflict. So readers can watch the video for themselves and judge accordingly.

Beyond the counterpoints, SWU employed the standard one-trick-pony anti-Semite diatribe. Israeli and Jewish propaganda seems to work off the same tired script. The same labels — “haters,” “notorious,” “anti-Semite,” “Nazi”, “ridiculous,” “smear,” “vile,” etc. — are repeated over and over again to the point that they become counter-productive. In fact, we strongly sense that this engenders a Streisand effect  whereby more precocious observers develop enough curiosity to go see what the fuss is about.

This propaganda tries to operate in a vacuum, as if Israelis don’t engage in behaviors that bring about reactions and even hatred. The saying about those in glass houses really rings true. Aristotle gave good guidance on the concept of hatred. As we proceed through this exercise, consider the following quotes:

“Anger derives from what happens to oneself, whereas enmity arises without [the offense] being directed at oneself. For if we believe that someone is a certain kind of person, we hate him.”

“To enjoy the things we ought and to hate the things we ought has the greatest bearing on excellence of character.”

SWU — and really all Jewish propaganda — liberally uses words like “vile” and “smear.” Vile is defined as extremely unpleasant, morally bad. Smear means to damage the reputation of (someone) by false accusations; slander.

On the question of smear or false accusations, Martin to her credit rolled up her sleeves and hit the streets of Jerusalem. Martin said, “I was getting so many accusations of misrepresenting Israeli society and distorting the treatment of Palestinians, I wanted to let Israelis speak for themselves.” As you will see SWU should have let it go, and without pulling the one trick pony.

To be fair to the Israelis, it’s surprising they would even allow Martin in the country to carry out such investigations. In fact, TNN often use Israeli media in our Around the Web section because, in some respects, it’s more open and candid than European and U.S. news.

The shocking video has had 238,000 views thus far and features a range of people in Jerusalem’s so-called Tolerance Square (don’t know whether to laugh or cry). Each interview shows with clarity how racist, supremacist and even genocidal the prevailing views are in Israeli society. Be sure to watch the clip between 10:23 and 14:40.

Many were quick to share their extreme racism and even call for mass murder, as if such views were totally normal and acceptable. Keep in mind, they said these things knowing they were speaking on camera to U.S. media. As much as anything, the interviews reveal stark ignorance,  and mind-blowing arrogance almost to the point of psychobabbling. To most decent folks, this casual and evident chosenite attitude is hard to stomach. Little wonder this community has to resort to one-trick-pony epithets.

When asked how to deal with the Palestinian population, one man responded, “I would carpet bomb them. That’s the only way … I think we have the right to hate them.”

Another says, “I think we should give the Arabs a country. Then it can be a war between countries … we can just drop one big one and, pop! Done!”

At minute 6:45 a young woman declares plainly, “We need to kill Arabs,” while she and her friend twitch and giggle.

A more merciful man says, “Israelis have to take over. We have to kick [Palestinians] away.” He then ponders, “It would be better not to kill them, but to send them away to Arab countries.”

An Israeli dissident spoke on camera and offered balance and sanity to the situation. He admits that he is a rarity within Israel.

The following interviews reveal how mainstream the matter-of-fact desire for mass killing and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians are among Israelis. This is also reflected in polls across the region, showing that more than 70 percent oppose Palestinian statehood or ending the occupation, and 50 percent want to ethnically cleanse the 1.5 million Palestinians living inside Israel as citizens.

To Stand With Us, TNN offers you a forum to refute what our eyes clearly see in the video. Yes, you could pull the one trick pony on us. If you do, we promise we will get as much Streisand effect as possible out of that. Or you can shut down and take the Martin video offline, and we will write yet another article describing your censorship practices. Or you can comment on and explain the abject racism and supremacy visible in plain sight in your society.

It is truly your call, and we don’t suffer fools.

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